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audience segment

Build people-centric websites for better engagement.

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“Make your website behave like
it was built for every single visitor.”
With Hyper-Personalization, leverage customer engagement to optimize conversions.
Stay unique for each customer as a B2B enterprise brand.

Client testimonial

Anirhudh Sridharan,
“We were looking for a solution that would help us stay customer-centric and allow us to create experiences that make each customer feel exclusive. We did it with CustomFit.ai”
Growth Experiments & Full-funnel Marketer at Chargebee Chargebee
Experience Engine
Design Experiences and craft customer journeys
Using the Experience engine, craft and personalize customer journeys to explore your website in the right direction. Provide a wholesome personalized experience and actupon what you intended them to do.
Advanced Visual Editor
Type, drag, and drop content
The advanced visual editor allows you to change and create new experiences in real-time. No code or upload time required. Simply type, drag and drop.
Goals Tracker
Visually track Goals
Track events like clicks and page visits without any code. Configure goals/events and they will be updated dynamically and tracked visually in no time. All this with zero help from developers.
In-depth Analytics
Make data-driven decisions on each experience
Get detailed results of how each personalized experience and campaigns are performing. Track results with feedback loops for all experience. Get enough data to improve each experience.

Capture visitor and behavioural traits
with CustomFit.ai

Geo traits
Organization traits
Custom properties
UTM parameters
User tags
Stage of visit
Time of the day
Visitor traits
Custom Fit, because
every customer is
Choose from over 30 playbooks that
can help you personalize and achieve a
12X ROI across a variety of use cases.
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Personalize for different audience segments and channels
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Personalize for different stages of the funnel
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