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Simplest A/B testing and Split URL testing platform for D2C brands. Developed with the power of AI for marketers.
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Works with all CMS platforms

Easy to use A/B testing platform

Unleash the full potential of your website by harnessing the science of D2C personalization. Elevate visitor engagement and boost conversion rates through tailored experiences that resonate with your target audience.

Auto detect the visitors from multiple sources and serve the content to each unique visitor as per their taste.

Effortlessly discern visitor characteristics (using over 80 data points) from their IP addresses, and curate their journey to match specific areas of interest. Customize the product offerings and descriptions dynamically, creating a unique and engaging D2C experience that speaks directly to each individual.

Understand the user and show him what he want

Customfit.ai gathers visitor information from various sources, recognizes visitors and their actions, and then delivers tailored messages according to their identity and past interactions

Get Instant Alerts and Reports deliverd to your inbox

Have the detailed information about your website visitor handy and get an alert the moment he/she visits your website

Complete CRO stack

From planning and implementation to evaluation, enhance every stage of your conversion processes through an approach grounded in evidence and guided by data

Personalization happens at multiple layers

Based on .........
Number of times user visited the website in past.
The industry he came from.
Previous behaviour on the website.
Source of traffic.
Geography and demographics etc.
Targeting criteria of paid campaigns

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