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Personalized visitors : 20
Personalized links : 100
Campaigns : 2
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Personalized visitors : 200
Personalized links : 2000
Campaigns : 10
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Personalized visitors : 500
Personalized links : 5000
Campaigns : 25
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Personalized visitors : Unlimited
Personalized links : Unlimited
Campaigns : Unlimited
Integrations :  Salesforce, Hubspot, Clearbit, Kickfire
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Custom pricing based on website traffic

5 Account users
Persona based experiences
Behavior based experiences
Multi variant roll-out
A/B aka Split test
15 Track goals
10 Trackable Experience Journeys
15 Trackable user/event attributes
Advanced Visual Editor
Template Tags
Content Blocks
Dynamic attributes
Behavior chaining
UTM attributes
Customized Popups
Customized Inline content blocks
Advanced insights
5k Tiny URLs
Schedule Experience
Geo Location tagging
Hubspot integration
Clearbit integration
Segment integration
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Account Users

Your teammates can have their own dashboard logins

Persona based experiences

Personalization based on the visitor's traits (eg: location, industry, segment, title, etc.)

Behavior based experiences

Personalization based on the visitor's behaviors Eg. pages visited, buttons clicked, etc. over a period of time

Goal track

Track the outcome of personalization by defining goals like specific page visits, button clicks, or custom events.

A/B testing

Split the traffic and test the outcome w.r.t the different goals set.

Multi variate testing

Multivariate testing uses the same core mechanism as A/B testing, but compares a higher number of personalization behaviors, and reveals more information about how these behaviors interact with one another.

Visual editor

The visual editor will enable the business teams to create/modify personalized experiences of your website with just the clicks. No code changes are needed.

Advanced & basic Insights

Advanced & basic InsightsInsights related to the performance of experiences. The basic version is limited to the conversion and lift, whereas the advanced version captures detailed information like user traits as part of the goal metrics, daily goal hits, etc.

User journey explorer & Event Analysers

Understand the behavior of your visitor w.r.t their journeys from different angles. This will help you understand 'Why'-'Whom'-'What' to personalize.

In the 'Pro' plan, you can track up to 5 experiences in the journeys.And you can analyze the events in Event analyzer w.r.t 10 user traits (source, location, industry, title, etc)

Schedule Experiences

Ability to schedule the personalization between given dates/times.

Dynamic attributes

Auto-create 100s of custom attributes (user traits)

UTM attributes

Personalize the website for visitors who are coming from the social media campaigns using UTM attributes (utm_campaign, utm_source, utm_medium, etc) in the rules

Template Tags

Ability to add the 'tags' which will get replaced by the user attributes(like name, company_name, industry, etc)e.g. "Built for {{industry}}" => "Built for E-com"

CRM Integration (Hubspot, Salesforce, Fresh Sales etc)

Connect to your CRM systems to personalize the webpage based on the stage of the visit (MQL, SQL, Customer, Demoed visitor)

Clearbit integration

Personalize your website in real-time based on the firmographic attributes of the visitor

API support

Access to the personalization APIs