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Chargebee CustomFit Case Study

 Ten benefits of over Google Optimize & Optimize 360. 

1. Choose easy multiple variants testing over A/B testing
Both the free version, Google Optimize and the paid Google Optimize 360 come with great A/B testing features however, there are many restrictions in creating multivariate testing and setting goals which limits marketers and CROs to conduct experiments. Whereas with, you can conduct multivariate experiments easily and track goals to enhance the results from campaigns and conversion rate optimization experiments. 
2. Leverage the power of personalization
If you are looking for a complete transformation and optimization of one of your biggest business assets which is the website, then look no further than CustomFit. It offers more than just personalization. It’s a 360 degree CRO stack to increase overall business revenue. If you have been using Mutiny for a while, then our CRO package will be pleasantly surprising for you.
3. Easier and quicker installation process
Easier and quicker installation processGoogle Optimize, though offers a Chrome extension, has to be installed by adding a snippet in Google Analytics tag to get started. On the other hand, which also comes as a Chrome Plugin can be installed within 3 steps- download the plugin, add SDK and start editing the content. In other words, it offers instant setup and personalization. .
4. Better Customer Support
Though Google is known for impeccable customer support, for Optimize and Optimize 360, it offers only email support which can be a limitation in carrying out experiments interrupted. offers phone, email and chat support along with an extensive help and knowledge center to help the user work on his projects barrier-free and efficiently. 
5. Budget Friendly for SMEs
Google Optimize, although free, comes with several limitations and switching to the paid version becomes unavoidable. Here again, scores brownie points since it charges based on the number of visitors and not the number of sessions. With more user-friendly and more efficient results, CustomFit is a better and more pocket friendly option for businesses.
6.  Efficient Real time reports 
The importance of real time reporting cannot be emphasized enough in sales and outbound reach outs. Analytics and reports are an important part of website personalization that helps in assessing the effectiveness of the strategies and assess the need for tweaks. Although both Optimize and Optimize 360 offer real time reporting, users have reported delayed updates as late as 24 hours. This is a missed chance and the sales communication can be affected. CustomFit is loved by users for the efficient real time reporting over communication channels like Slack, emails etc.
"With CustomFit we were able to achieve a very strong foundation for experimentation culture, and increased velocity of publishing campaigns within one month."
7. Simultaneous & concurrent multivariate testing
As an alternative to Google Optimize, simultaneous multivariate testing is possible with CustomFit whereas the former does not allow the usage of simultaneous testing efficiently. Switch to for a seamless and frictionless multivariate testing and conversion optimization experience. 
8. More suitable for mature CRO teams
CRO experiments are about testing hypotheses and making changes. With Google Optimize and Optimize 360, there are limits to the number of goals per experiment. This in addition with limits in multi variants make it suitable for beginner level experiments. However, for a seasoned Conversion Rate Optimization team that conducts tests on a rapid basis and requires data-based decision making, meets all the requirements with higher capabilities that supports CRO.
9. Advanced Analytics, Reports and Alerts
For using Google Optimize or Optimize 360, Google Analytics provides the analytical data, insights, alerts and reports. Whereas, in, you get the advantage of advanced features and metrics to analyze in detail and also get customized reports and alerts real time and later. 
10. 1000+ parameters for personalization has the advantage of personalizing messages for visitors over Google Optimize/Optimize 360. Stitch data from integrated streams to augment enriched personalization. Design personalized paths for the visitor with 1000 plus parameters. Personalize across parameters such as Stage of visit, UTM parameters, Geo, Tech.