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Ready-made templates to create reports and alerts by handpicking metrics that matter to you (not to the entire team).

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Smart website alerts and reports for marketers
Ready-to-use templates to get
started in 2 minutes
Choose from a library of ready-to-use templates to
configure reports and alerts with the metrics you
need to track. Schedule them at a convenient
time and to the communication channel of your
choice such as email, Slack or others.
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Templates for reports and alerts

Understand your website visitors with
deep insights

Get in-depth analysis of various website metrics to track performance.
Custom create reports to de-clutter and simplify data. Get smart reports exclusively for each stakeholder.
Detailed insights to understand website performance
Track goals & set targets
for team and individuals
Set goals for regular marketing activities like traffic or campaigns. Get visual tracking of goals with drips and jumps. Get actionable insights to strategize upcoming campaigns.
Set goals for marketing teams and individuals