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We ace not just website personalization but conversion rate optimization. If you are looking for a better alternative for Mutiny, your search ends right here.

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Here are the top 12 reasons that make a better Mutiny alternative

1. A better alternative to Mutiny. Faster and simpler. 
Complete the entire personalization procedure within seconds. CustomFit is easier to install and get started with. There’s zero room for time loss in page loading or execution with simple steps outperforming all other personalization platforms. Enjoy the quickest and most effective website personalization experience with
2. Not just a website personalization tool but a conversion rate optimization engine
If you are looking for a complete transformation and optimization of one of your biggest business assets which is the website, then look no further than CustomFit. It offers more than just personalization. It’s a 360 degree CRO stack to increase overall business revenue. If you have been using Mutiny for a while, then our CRO package will be pleasantly surprising for you.
3. Data-driven decisions with pre and post personalization metrics
CustomFit comes with the extra-advantages of pre and post personalization features. These metrics optimize the result out of personalization by easing data-driven decision making and helps marketers avoid guesswork about what would click with the audience or what wouldn’t. It facilitates running personalization experiments and track results. Get a host of impactful analytics metrics like journey explorer, firmographics, geography, past history, device etc to make data backed decisions.
4. Enables personalization at scale
Personalization at scale helps one avoid the hassle and manual effort of adding the personalization elements. With CustomFit, it’s just like the email marketing software where you need minimum effort for personalizing. You can also upload CSV files for personalization at scale. Within just a few clicks, your personalization will be complete.
5. No code platform. Zero dependence on technical help
CustomFit is crafted especially for B2B marketers. It’s technically designed in such a way that it equips marketers, even those with little technical expertise, to use the tool from A to Z without any code changes. It’s simple to install and get started. 
6.  1000+ personalization parameters
There are a number of personalization parameters suggested to the user in order to create the best personalized pitch for each user. Having such a host of suggestions is a feature exclusive to CustomFit and has the potential to add a great deal of benefit to the user.
"With CustomFit we were able to achieve a very strong foundation for experimentation culture, and increased velocity of publishing campaigns within one month."
7. User centric design 
At, the user is the king. Exceeding the results from Mutinyhq's design and unseablity, CustomFit is super easy to use and navigate through for all users. Simplicity and functionality is at the core of design. We give utmost importance to making each step simple for marketers to avoid any tech intervention or dependence.
8. State of the art technology
We are at pace with the latest technology but that doesn’t make us complacent. We are constantly looking for ways to make our product more useful and result oriented. We believe in leading with the latest in technology, optimization at all levels and being consistent with it.
9. Proven track record of customer satisfaction
Our customer stories are something we take pride in. Our customers and users have increased conversion rates from their website by 40% on an average and their stories enrich us. We have elaborate case studies from our customers that can also help our new users understand the value we added and continue to add through our work. 
10. Affordable plans
We have customized plans for each category of user. Considering the fact that each individual user and company has it’s unique requirements, our plans are customized to suit them best. Both individuals and businesses can use CustomFit at affordable rates. 
11. Timely assistance and dedicated account support
Right from your free trial, you get dedicated assistance at each stage. Once it is set up, our support team reaches out to you. For any query or complaint, our team is always on their toes to give you quick resolution. We prioritize user satisfaction and quick complaint resolution over everything else.
12. Help and knowledge center
We have a dedicated help and an extensive knowledge center wherein you’ll find answers to all your queries regarding personalization and how to get it right on the website. Additionally, we have a vast “university” section on the website for you to access playbooks, ebooks and interviews of leading marketers to learn various aspects of marketing in general.