A Complete Conversion
Optimization Stack

From strategizing to execution and analysis, optimize each step in your conversion operations with evidence based and data driven approach.

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Complete Conversion Optimization Stack CRO Stack

One-stop solution for
your conversion optimization efforts.

Event Analyzer for marketers to track results
Event Analyzer
Get detailed analysis of events and audience behaviour on the website.
Track highest viewed pages and most scrolled pages and optimize them with personalized content.
Get insightful data to make changes on the website and campaigns strategically.
Journey Explorer
Analyze visitor journey to identify touch points that drive the highest and least conversions.
Identify and fix the loose-ends and thereby optimize paths for each visitor segment.
Journey explorer for tracking website performance
Personalization for inbound marketing campaigns for CRO
Inbound Personalization
Let the visitor coming from inbound campaigns see content relevant to the message on the external channels.
Lead them through a goal oriented path to carry out the desired action on the website.
Create personalized dynamic content on multiple pages.
Outbound Personalization
Enhance outbound and ABM campaigns with a personalized pitch on the website for each unique visitor.
Address their pain points with the best message relevant to their profile.
Enable sales team to instantly personalize website pages and share the link with the potential customer.
Outbound personalization campaigns to increase conversions
1000+ Parameters for Personalization
Stitch data from integrated streams to augment enriched personalization.
Design personalized paths for the visitor with 1000 plus parameters. Personalize across parameters such as Stage of visit, UTM parameters, Geo, Tech.
Stitch data, tools & insights
Integrate with your CRM.
Get details of visitor’s firmographics at a single point in CustomFit dashboard.
Strengthen ABM campaigns with details like no. of visitors from a company.
Data stitching from CRM and CDS for marketers
Measure goals and conversions from website
Measure goals and conversions
Measure, analyze, and compare various metrics and conversions.
Strategize each piece of content to drive goals like form conversions, sign-ups, CTR, downloads, etc.
Analyze goals or conversions on each page with respect to various audience segments.
Smart Reports
Get in-depth analysis of various website metrics to track performance.
Custom create reports to declutter and simplify data.
Get smart reports exclusively for each stakeholder.
Smart reports and analysis for the website metrics
Instant alerts and reports about visitors
Instant Alerts
Detailed visitor behaviour analysis and lead visit and revisit alerts.
Understand the interests and preferences of prospects and existing customers.
Enable strategic collaboration of Sales & Marketing.
Spot potential for upselling for existing customers and prospects.
Works on All Platforms
Type, drag and drop blocks
Personalize banners, pop-ups, CTAs, forms, and scrolls.
Personalize integrated content elements with Hubspot, Salesforce, and more.
Personalize inline templates with chicklets, timers, tooltips.
Set rules to configure content block personalization based on customer data and email lists.
Works on all Website builder platform  and CMS