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Event Analyzer for marketers to track results
Download Chrome plugin
Install the chrome plugin and complete the setup.
Personalize website content
Strategize webpage messages and showcase the best pitch for each outbound visitor. All this in a few simple drag and drop steps.
Journey explorer for tracking website performance
Generate Customized link
Generate & share the link
Generate 1:1 link or upload CSV and get a mass link. Make your campaign live by sharing the unique link with the lead in email, LinkedIn, Slack, Chat messages, etc.

Get Notifications & Track Campaign Results

Get notified about lead visits
Once the lead visits through the personalized link, you will receive alerts on Slack/Email or MS Teams and you can check campaign level analytics. Additionally, you will receive alerts every time he visits with or without the link.
Track results
Analyze the views and conversions for each campaign and take data driven decisions for future campaigns.
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Integrate with multiple data sources
Connect with data sources like HubSpot, Salesforce for data stitching. Use information for creating effective personalized messages.
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