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Chargebee CustomFit Case Study
" Masters of website optimization
with "
Class Plus
Anirhudh Sridharan,
“We were looking for a solution that will help us stay customer-centric and allow us to create experiences that make each customer feel exclusive. We did it with”
Growth Experiments & Full-funnel Marketer at Chargebee Chargebee
Install the Growth Engine
It starts with a simple code in your website header. We read every
single visitor coming onto your website. Bundling this information
into’s Growth Engine, the no-code journey begins.
Integrate and stitch it with data streaming from other sources of
customer data.
Define and create experiences by studying journeys of high-
achieving paths.
It supports different CMS or website management tools such as
WordPress, Joomla, Wix, Bubble, etc without any code changes.
Set the criteria of each growth experience that you want to
achieve using different parameters that are already set
within the platform.
Convert website traffic to quality leads
Conversion optimization can be automated. It is no longer grunt
work on the spreadsheets. For A/B tests, hyper-personalization,
crafting unique user journeys, and more, all you need is
Using the experience that you created, spot exactly where they
are dropping out or bouncing back.
Change the route of the broken path and see a lift in visitor-to-
lead conversations.
Create newer experiences for each product aligned to the target
Empathize with the visitors
Do you know why visitors are leaving your website? Do you know
what turned them off? can tell you.
Build user profiles and track their behavior.
Integrate this data with your CRM or CDP.
Segment common behavior and ideal customer profiles to
personalize the experience.
Create unique journeys by showing your audience what they
are looking for.
Enjoy the in-built personalization tool supported by an advanced
visual editor.
Show them relevant experiences on the fly with the simple drag
and drop customization tools.
Gain insights and stay informed pings you about good news with automated alerts
and supports it with holistic graphs. They include insights with
benchmarks and rules.
Gain insights on customizable cohorts which empowers you to
create highly optimized experiences.
Real-time alerts let you make quick changes to a live experience.
Activity Reports inform you about what your visitors are liking
and what they are not interested in.
Recommendations help you come up with creative ways of
interacting with your website visitors.

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