BellaVita's Odyssey: A Perfumed Symphony of Success with


Step into the scented world of BellaVita, where luxury perfumes and bath products weave tales of the "beautiful life." Guided by the maestro Ankit Shard, steering the ship of D2C and Performance, and the virtuoso Arjan Singh, leading the dance of CRO and Experimentation, BellaVita has risen as the unrivalled #1 direct-to-consumer brand in India. As they pursued their mission of making luxury accessible, challenges emerged, none more significant than the sunset of Google Optimize. In their quest for a solution, they stumbled upon, a hidden oasis in the vast desert of personalization. What unfolded was a transformative experience, like slipping into comfy running shoes after years of clunky boots.

Q1. Can you please provide an overview of your brand and your role within the organization?

BellaVita promises, as its name suggests, a taste of the "beautiful life." We as a brand specialize in crafting luxury perfumes, and also bath and body products for men and women, catering to diverse taste palettes with their blends.

As India’s #1 D2C brand in this category, our aim has been to democratize luxury and offer premium products at attainable price.

Ankit Shard - Leads the Entire D2C and Performance business for BellaVita, under his leadership BellaVita has witnessed a 70% growth in the D2C business, with improved efficiency across all marketing channels.

Arjan Singh - Runs CRO and Experimentation for BellaVita, trying best to get that extra 1% efficiency every day with new experiments across Website, and acquisition channels.

Q2. What are the primary objectives and goals your brand aims to achieve concerning website user experience and engagement?

  • Improved NPS
  • Better Blended ROI
  • Make the website as such that once we acquire a customer they dont go anywhere else for their next perfume purchase.

Q3. What factors or challenges led you to explore's services for enhancing your website's performance and user experience?

We were on lookout for an alternative to Google Optimize when the decision of Sunset was announced. That's when we stumbled upon It was like discovering a hidden oasis in the personalization desert.

  • No visitor caps
  • No cap on number of experiments, and personalizations
  • Real-time analytics that felt like watching a live-action movie of our customers' journeys
  • Seamless integrations with all our favorite tools

Swapping gears wasn't without its bumps, but honestly, felt like putting on a pair of comfy running shoes after years of clunky boots. We could run more tests, personalize bolder, and see the results flash before our eyes.

Q4. Can you provide examples of successful A/B tests conducted through that resulted in positive outcomes for your brand?

At BellaVita, we're big believers in experimentation. We constantly test, from tiny tweaks to complete website makeovers. Sure, this sometimes delays new features, but the proven results ensure we're always moving in the right direction. This philosophy has been instrumental in our growth. This year, we focused on improving our funnels for users acquired from different channels. We identified several issues:

Outdated design: Our website needed a fresh look and feel, including revamping product pages.

Inefficient navigation: Users struggled to find what they needed.

Poor mobile experience: The site wasn't mobile-friendly, hurting conversion rates.

Solution: A Bold Redesign and Rigorous Testing

By September 2023, thanks to our incredible technology team, we had a completely redesigned website. But instead of a direct launch, we embraced A/B testing with the help of We ran multiple tests, closely monitoring key metrics like:

Conversion rates: Did the new design convert better?

Bounce rates: Did users stay engaged or leave quickly?

Engagement: Were users interacting with the site more readily?

The results were clear:

11% uplift in conversion rates during A/B testing.

Sustained 10-15% improvement even after full launch.

Better overall Blended ROI.

Here’s another example on a few tests which we ran which helped not just our website but also Marketplaces:

First impressions matter, especially on product pages. That's where potential customers decide: buy or bounce? Your images and content have the power to sway them towards "buy." At BellaVita, we understand this. That's why we partnered with to run rigorous A/B tests on our product listing images and content. We wanted to know: what makes people click "add to cart"?

Testing, Learning, Optimizing:

We experimented with different image sets and copy variations.

We tracked critical metrics like conversion rates and time spent on page.

We identified the clear winners from each test.

The Results? Conversion Liftoff!

By deploying the winning combinations, we saw a 7% conversion rate uplift during the A/B test! And the good news doesn't stop there. This improvement translated seamlessly to our marketplaces, where we also updated the listings. This has reinforced our brand’s belief in the following:-

Boldness: Don't be afraid of radical changes when data suggests it's needed.

Testing: Always validate your assumptions with rigorous A/B testing.

Data-driven decisions: Let data guide your website evolution, not intuition.