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"Track user journeys across 1000+ properties"

Event Analyzer
Get detailed analysis of events. Strategize & optimize personalization
Understand page performance with respect to Events. Compare crucial metrics like Events and Goals, Overall and Unique Clicks to strategize content for each audience segment.
Goal Tracker
Optimize your website for goal oriented behaviour.
Measure, analyze and compare various metrics and conversions. Strategize each piece of content to drive goals like form conversions, Sign ups, CTR, Downloads etc. Analyze goals or conversions on each page with respect to various audience segments.
Journey Explorer
At each touch point understand the visitor behavior in depth
Analyze visitor journey to identify touch points that drive the highest and least conversions. Identify and fix the loose-ends and thereby optimize paths for each visitor segment.
Know what resonates with each visitor
Track the journey path of an individual visitor with behaviour points like time spent on a particular page and triggers. Use this for customizing experiences and for recommendations.
Firmographic Insights
Get all relevant company data about the visitor at once (forget checking in multiple CRMs)
Integrate with CRMs like Clearbit, HubSpot etc to fetch Firmographic details of the visitor like- Industry, number of employees in the organization, annual revenue, designation and location. Minimize time and effort in qualifying B2B personas.