Acquisition Channels

About this template:

The customer touch points on the web through which visitors visit the website are acquisition channels. 

In an overview these are - Direct (search engine), Referral (backlinks, affiliates), Organic (all unpaid activities), Social (LinkedIn, FB, Instagram, Reddit, Pinterest, Paid (all paid activities- ads, influencers), email (through email campaigns, newsletters).

You can see a graphical representation of this data.

Choose time period, spikes and drops, number of sessions from each channel. 


With this data, you can understand how various channels are performing in general and during campaigns, compare and make data-driven decisions for these campaigns.

Get a detailed view of the performance of the campaign with respect to various marketing channels.

How to use it:

Configure the reports by choosing the metrics you want to see, select channel and schedule alerts.

Who is it useful for?

SEO professionals

Campaign managers

Social media managers

Performance marketers (paid ads managers)

Affiliate program managers