Active Visitors

About the template:

What is active visitors- visitors who repeatedly visit and engaging on content in the form of downloads or clicking through various CTAs, subscribers are included, 

In these reports you can see- number of AV daily, weekly and monthly, the percentage of spikes and drops in comparison with other periods

See visual and graphical representations of the data.

What are the benefits?

Get detailed performance of web pages like -

What pieces of content are keeping subscribers coming back to it

On which pages most bounces take place

Which copies, designs and clicks are performing best

Run A/B tests with Ad copies, designs, CTA buttons

If you are using a website personalization tool, this data can be used to create dynamic webpages, copies, designs, CTAs etc.  

As you choose the time period, you can understand the spike or drop in visitors with respect to the campaigns running at that time and what they are interested in.

How to use it?

Configure the report by choosing metrics you want to see, select channel and schedule alerts.

Who is this useful for?

Website analytics team

Campaign managers

Social media managers

Performance marketers (paid ads managers)