20 Shopify Plugins for D2C Brands in 2024

In today's competitive landscape, Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) brands need every edge to stand out. Shopify provides a robust platform for building your online store, but the right plugins can unlock its full potential. These extensions supercharge your D2C experience, fostering stronger customer connections and driving sales.

1. Customfit.ai

Struggling to optimize your website conversions? CustomFit.ai uses A/B testing and personalization to help you find the perfect website experience for each visitor, maximizing conversions and boosting your bottom line.

Customfit.ai allows you to make any kind of changes on your webpage without using coding skills. It also helps in adding pop-ups from pre-made templates.

A picture of Customfit.ai personalize AB Test tool lised in Shopify App Store with the youtube video as an introduction as well as Log in to install and View Demo Store button

2. Growave:

Growave is a comprehensive marketing app that combines a loyalty program, reviews, wishlists, and social media integrations. It allows you to create both point-based and VIP tier-based loyalty programs, effectively incentivizing repeat purchases and fostering customer relationships.

Growave: Loyalty and Wishlist.

3. SEOBooster:                                                            

Elevate your website's SEO performance effortlessly with SEO Booster. Improve visibility, attract more traffic, and rise in search engine rankings using intuitive tools and actionable insights. Enhance your online presence and surpass the competition with ease.

Booster SEO and Image optimizer with a youtube video and a button log in to install.

4. Klaviyo: 

This email marketing platform is tailored specifically for e-commerce businesses. It enables you to craft targeted email campaigns based on customer behavior, including abandoned carts and past purchases. Klaviyo also integrates seamlessly with numerous Shopify apps, making it a robust tool for D2C brands.

Klaviyo: Email marketing and SMS with a youtube video and Log in to install button.

5. WP Maps: 

Showcase your store locations elegantly with user-friendly maps. This plugin enables you to effortlessly add multiple store locations, customize map styles, and integrate features such as store locators and directions.

Wp Maps- Store Locator App with a youtube video and Log in to install button.

6. Loox: 

Turn customer reviews and photos into social proof that drives sales. Loox helps you collect authentic content from buyers, showcase it on your store, and even automate review requests.

Loox - Product Reviews App with a youtube video and Log in to install button.

7. ShipStation:

Streamline your shipping process and save time with efficient order fulfillment. ShipStation integrates with major carriers, automates shipping labels, and offers real-time tracking information.

Shipstation with a youtube video and Log in to install button.

8. Blog Studio: 

Create informative and engaging blog content to drive traffic and establish your brand expertise. Blog Studio allows you to manage your blog directly within your Shopify admin, making content creation seamless.

Blog Studio with a youtube video and Log in to install button.

9. Referral Candy: 

Incent happy customers to spread the word with a powerful referral program. Referral Candy lets you track referrals, automate rewards, and analyze the success of your program.

Referral Candy and Affiliate with a youtube video and Log in to install button.

10. Whatsapp Chat + Abandoned Cart Recovery: 

Engage with customers directly on WhatsApp and win back abandoned carts. This tool allows you to set up automated chat messages to recover lost sales and provide customer support through a familiar platform.

CK: Whatsapp Chat and Abandoned with a youtube video and Log in to install button.

11. Google Shopping & Ads: 

Promote your products directly on Google Shopping and reach millions of potential customers. This plugin simplifies the process of creating and managing your Google Shopping campaigns.

Googlle Shopping Ads Optimizer with a image of an Airplane.

12. Refersion: 

Power your referral program with a robust and feature-rich solution. Reversion offers advanced tracking, reward automation, and insightful analytics to maximize the impact of your referral program.

Refersion: Affiliate Marketing with a youtube video and Log in to install button.

13. Sixads: 

“Get Quality Traffic From Partner Stores”: Expand your reach and drive qualified traffic to your store through targeted advertising on partner stores. Sixads connects you with a network of relevant stores to exchange high-quality ad placements.

Google, Facebook and Inst Ads with a log in to install button and video of a man speaking about it.

14. Shopify Search & Discovery: 

Improve your store's search functionality and product recommendations. This plugin helps shoppers find what they're looking for faster with features like autocomplete, filters, and personalized product suggestions.

Shopify Search and Discovery Log in to Install and Sign up button with a Youtube video.

15. Avada Size Chart: 

Stop worrying about sizing confusion and returns! Avada Size Chart allows you to easily add clear and informative size charts to your product pages. This empowers customers to choose the perfect fit for them, reducing the likelihood of returns and improving customer satisfaction.

Avada Size Chart and Size Guide with a Lo in to Install and View demo option.

16. Propel Subscription: 

Turn one-time buyers into loyal fans with Propel Subscriptions. This app lets you create flexible subscription options for your products, allowing customers to receive them conveniently at regular intervals. It's a fantastic way to generate recurring revenue and build stronger customer relationships.

Propel Subscription App with a briefing about the Propel subscription and demo button.

17. Afluencer influencer collabs: 

Forget the hassle of managing influencer marketing campaigns yourself. Afluencer simplifies the process by helping you discover relevant influencers, manage collaborations effectively, and track campaign performance. This lets you leverage the power of influencer marketing to reach new audiences and expand your brand reach.

Afluencer Influencer Coliabs with a youtube video and Log in to install button.

18. Dropified: 

Say goodbye to manual order fulfillment and hello to efficiency with Dropified. This app automates dropshipping tasks, allowing you to order products directly from suppliers with just a few clicks. No more managing inventory yourself - Dropified streamlines the process, freeing up your time to focus on growing your business.

Dropiied - Dropshipping with a youtube video and Log in to install button.

19. Best Currency Converter: 

Expand your global reach and cater to a wider audience with Best Currency Converter. This app automatically displays your product prices in customers' local currencies, removing any guesswork or confusion during checkout. This can lead to a significant boost in conversions and sales, opening your products to a whole new world of potential customers.

Best Currency Converter with a youtube video and Log in to install button and a demo store.

20. Shopify Inbox: 

Keep your customer communication organized and efficient with Shopify Inbox. This app acts as a central hub, consolidating messages from various platforms like Facebook Messenger and email into a single location. Respond to inquiries and provide excellent customer service directly within Shopify Inbox, saving you time and ensuring a seamless customer experience.

Shopify Inbox with a youtube video and Log in to install button and view demo store.

By strategically implementing these Shopify plugins, you can transform your D2C brand. From fostering trust and loyalty to maximizing conversions, these tools empower you to deliver a seamless and engaging customer experience. Remember, the best plugins seamlessly integrate with your existing Shopify platform and align with your brand's unique goals.

Ashwin Kumar
Co-Founder & CEO of CustomFit.ai