50 D2C Brands in UAE

Explore the dynamic world of direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands in the UAE with our curated list of 50 standout companies. From fashion and beauty to tech and home goods, these brands are revolutionizing shopping by connecting directly with their customers. Discover how each of these innovators delivers unique products and exceptional service.

1. Nike UAE

Nike UAE enhances its global sportswear leadership by focusing on direct consumer engagement through innovative digital stores and robust e-commerce platforms. The brand leverages its strong online presence to offer personalized shopping experiences, exclusive online releases, and community-building initiatives.

A home page of Nike UAE with two buttons Sign up and Learn more.

2. Kibsons International  

Kibsons leads the fresh produce market by delivering fruits and vegetables directly from farms to consumers' doorsteps. This approach ensures freshness and quality while enabling better pricing and engaging customer interactions through its dedicated platform.

Home page of Kibsons International with the search bar option and its products.

3. Allbirds  

Allbirds makes its mark with environmentally friendly footwear made from natural materials. The brand commits to comfort and sustainability, attracting eco-conscious consumers with its innovative use of materials like merino wool and sugarcane.

Allbirds home page picture with a picture of a lady and picture of shoes with two buttons one Shop men and another Shop women.

4. Glossier  

Glossier transforms beauty norms with its direct-to-consumer model, focusing on skin-first makeup. By engaging with customers through social media and building a community around beauty, Glossier tailors its products to real consumer needs and feedback.

Home page of Glossier with a picture of daily sunscreen and a Shop Now button.

5. Casper  

Casper revolutionizes the mattress industry in the UAE by simplifying the buying process with its risk-free trials and direct delivery. Their focus on quality sleep products and customer satisfaction has made them a favorite among urban dwellers.

Casper home page showing a message All New, All cozy. With Shop Birthday Sale button.

6. Warby Parker  

Warby Parker offers designer eyewear at a revolutionary price point, with a commitment to providing a pair for a pair to those in need. Their try-at-home program and focus on customer service make choosing eyewear convenient and enjoyable.

Warby Parker with the picture of a boy and a girl with eyeglasses.

7. The Giving Movement  

The Giving Movement integrates social responsibility with fashion, donating a significant portion of every sale to charitable causes. Their apparel combines style with sustainability, crafted locally to reduce environmental impact.

The Giving Movement home page with the picture of a lady standing in front of the sea and looking towards the sea.

8. Mumzworld  

Mumzworld empowers parents across the UAE with a comprehensive range of baby and kids' products. The platform offers everything from toys to school essentials, emphasizing quality and customer service.

Mumzworld home page with its products and a shop now button.

9. Sivvi  

Sivvi captures the youthful spirit with its trendy and affordable fashion offerings. Fast shipping, frequent updates, and engaging online marketing strategies make Sivvi a go-to destination for fashion-forward consumers.

Sivvi home page showing the picture of a lady and a boy next to her as well as a girl with different outfits.

10. Bath & Body Works UAE  

Bath & Body Works UAE delights customers with its aromatic range of personal care and home fragrance products. Their direct sales model allows for frequent promotions and personalized shopping experiences both online and in-store.

A home page picture of Bath & Body Works UAE with 10% off and a duck toy with download now button.

11. Noon East  

Noon East stands out as a local e-commerce powerhouse offering electronics, fashion, and home goods. The brand excels in fast delivery and customer service, providing an extensive range of products tailored to local tastes and preferences.

A home page of Noon East with the picture table and other products of Noon East.

12. Drift  

Drift innovates in the car rental space by offering flexible terms and a streamlined online booking process. This customer-friendly approach addresses the needs of modern consumers looking for hassle-free vehicle access.

Home page of Drift with the picture of a lady using her phone and a man in a video as well as a Get Demo button and Take Tour button.

13. BRW Society  

BRW Society enriches the UAE's tea culture by providing a selection of fine teas sourced globally. Their commitment to quality and customer experience makes them a preferred choice for tea enthusiasts.

BRW Society home page picture showcasing its beauty products and flowers picture.

14. Emirates Outlet  

Emirates Outlet disrupts traditional retail with significant discounts on designer brands. Their online platform offers a seamless shopping experience, making luxury more accessible and affordable.

Home page of Emirates Outlet with the picture of beauty products and makeup brush.

15. Coffee Planet

Coffee Planet roasts premium coffee beans sourced globally and offers them directly to UAE consumers through their online platform. They focus on providing a rich coffee experience with blends crafted to suit various palates and preferences.

A home page of Coffee Planet with Coffee Planet products and a picture of a man.

16. Raw Coffee Company  

Raw Coffee Company stands out in the UAE's coffee scene by roasting and delivering fresh, ethically sourced beans directly to coffee lovers. They focus on transparency and quality, educating consumers about coffee origins and brewing techniques.

A home page of Raw Coffee Company and its products picture with Shop No button.

17. The Camel Soap Factory  

The Camel Soap Factory introduces a unique range of skincare products made with camel milk. Their commitment to natural ingredients and local production makes them a favorite for those seeking gentle and effective skincare solutions.

Home page of The Camel Soap Factory.

18. Desertcart  

Desertcart offers a vast selection of products from global markets, enabling UAE consumers to shop for unique and often hard-to-find items directly. They excel in logistics, bringing a world of goods to local doorsteps with ease.

Desertcart hme page with a search bar and Get Started button.

19. LookFantastic UAE  

LookFantastic UAE curates a luxury selection of beauty and wellness products, providing beauty enthusiasts with a direct line to the latest global trends and exclusive brands.

Home page of LookFantastic UAE with a search bar at to and picture of a lady with 30% off and Shop Now button.

20. Namshi  

Namshi is recognized for its fashionable and youthful appeal, providing the latest in fashion and footwear with a focus on a high-energy, online shopping experience.

Home page picture showing a lady and men as well as kids clothing section.

21. Lyfe  

Lyfe offers premium supplements and health products directly to health-conscious consumers, focusing on quality, transparency, and personalized customer journeys.

A home page of Lyfe with a picture of a doctor shacking hand with a man and a Request Demo button.

22. FitFresh

FitFresh provides freshly prepared healthy meals directly to customers' doors, focusing on nutrition and convenience. Their service caters to busy lifestyles in the UAE, offering meal plans that support fitness and dietary goals.

FitFresh home page with two bottles of FitFresh.

23. LetsTango  

LetsTango excels in customer interaction and digital responsiveness, offering electronics, fashion, and more, with a commitment to genuine products and straightforward service.

Home page of LetsTango with picture of vision pro wearing lady.

24. Eyewa

Eyewa offers a specialized selection of eyewear, ranging from prescription glasses to fashionable sunglasses, directly to consumers. They simplify the process of buying eyewear online with virtual try-ons and a wide array of choices, ensuring style meets convenience.

Home page of Eyewa with Shop Now button and two girls wearing eyeglasses and smiling next to the sea.

25. Ubuy UAE  

Ubuy stands out by offering a diverse array of international goods, from electronics to home decor, catering to the eclectic tastes of the UAE's diverse population.

Home page of Ubuy UAE with picture of a lady in one side and a picture of a man on the other side with Explore Now.

26. Ounass  

Ounass is renowned for offering luxury fashion and lifestyle products from high-end brands, catering to the exclusive tastes of UAE's fashion connoisseurs. Their personalized service and fast delivery make them a premier online destination for luxury shopping.

Home page of Ounass with picture of a lady holding a bag and Shop Now button.

27. Golden Scent  

Golden Scent delights fragrance lovers with a wide selection of perfumes and beauty products from both local and international brands, delivered directly to consumers with an emphasis on authenticity and sensory experience.

Home page of Golden Scent with its beauty products.

28. My Green Chapter  

My Green Chapter offers gardening enthusiasts in the UAE a direct channel to purchase a wide range of gardening supplies and plants, promoting sustainable living through urban gardening.

My Green Chapter home page with the pictures of its beauty products and Shop Now button.

29. Barakat

Barakat offers a direct line to freshness with its wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and juices delivered straight from local farms to UAE homes. They emphasize quality and natural products, catering to health-conscious consumers looking for premium, fresh options.

Barakat home page with a search bar and its products along with the plate and spoon.

30. Maison du Maillot

Maison du Maillot curates a collection of beachwear and resort fashion, offering stylish options directly to consumers looking for luxury swimwear and summer apparel, focusing on quality and exclusivity.

Home page of Maison du Maillot with the different picture of T-shirt.

31. Yeebly  

Yeebly provides a personalized grocery shopping experience, delivering fresh and quality products directly to homes with a focus on convenience and customer satisfaction.

Home page of Yeebly showcasing a sketch of a lady from back side and a hand holding on rose flower.

32. Virgin Megastore  

Virgin Megastore offers an extensive range of entertainment and tech products directly to consumers through their robust e-commerce platform, blending cultural trends with technological innovations.

Home page of Virgin Megastore with the images of cd disk and different sections.

33. The Entertainer  

The Entertainer app enhances leisure and dining experiences by offering value through direct-to-consumer offers and discounts across a variety of lifestyle and entertainment venues.

The Entertainer home page with a search bar and a message saying let the Adventure Begin.

34. Trixie  

Trixie brings pet care products directly to pet owners, focusing on quality and convenience, and ensuring pets across the UAE receive the best in nutrition and wellness products.

Trixie home page showcasing a lady with the dog.

35. Bake Al Arab

Bake Al Arab delivers traditional and modern baked goods right to customers' doors, highlighting the rich baking traditions of the Arab world with a modern twist. They focus on quality ingredients and authentic flavors.

Bake Ai Arab home page with the picture of a spook and taste dishes on the table with a strawberry.

36. PureBorn

PureBorn provides eco-friendly baby care products directly to parents in the UAE. Their products are made from sustainable materials and are designed with baby safety and environmental responsibility in mind.

A home page of PureBorn showcasing a baby picture laying and baby products images.

37. The Meat Avenue

The Meat Avenue offers premium, ethically sourced meats directly to consumers, emphasizing transparency and quality. Their service includes detailed sourcing information and preparation tips to enhance the culinary experience.

The Meat Avenue home page with the picture of meat pieces and Order Now button.

38. Centrepoint

Centrepoint brings a diverse range of home décor, fashion, and beauty products, focusing on providing affordable luxury and contemporary styles directly to consumers.

Home page of Centrepoint with the pictures of different clothing styles for different age groups.

39. Joi Gifts  

Joi Gifts specializes in delivering gifts directly to the recipient, making it easier to celebrate special occasions with a wide selection of flowers, chocolates, and personalized gifts.

Home page of Joi Gifts showcasing different cities name with the famous place picture of that respective cities.

40. Brands For Less  

Brands For Less offers discounted fashion and household items by connecting consumers directly with overstocked and last-season products from renowned brands, emphasizing value and variety.

Home page of Brands For Less with the picture of a lady on one side and a picture of a man on the other side with up to 80% discount.

41. Organic Foods and Café  

Organic Foods and Café serves health-conscious consumers with organic and natural products directly, supporting sustainable agriculture and healthy living.

Organic Foods and Cafe home page with picture of its products and a search bar.

42. Secret Skin  

Secret Skin connects consumers with a curated selection of beauty and wellness products that are ethical and sustainable, enhancing beauty routines with conscientious choices.

Home page of Secret Skin with the pictures of its beauty products.

43. Beyond The Beach  

Beyond The Beach caters to the outdoor lifestyle enthusiasts with a range of swimwear and beachwear, focusing on quality and the latest styles to enhance the beach-going experience.

Beyond The Beach home page with the picture of boys and girls having fun on the car and a shop now button with 60% off.

44. Carrefour UAE  

Carrefour UAE leverages its massive retail presence to offer groceries and household goods directly to consumers online, emphasizing convenience, variety, and competitive pricing.

Home page of Carrefour with its products and Shop Now buttons.

45. Padel Pro

Padel Pro offers sports enthusiasts high-quality padel equipment and accessories directly. They focus on enhancing the padel playing experience with premium products and expert advice.

Home page of Padel Pro with the Book Now button.

46. House of Pops

House of Pops delights with natural and healthy frozen treats, available directly to consumers through their innovative distribution channels, focusing on sustainability and natural ingredients.

House of Pops home page with a picture of a office with chairs.

47. The Luxury Closet

The Luxury Closet offers pre-owned luxury goods, providing a sustainable shopping option for consumers looking to purchase high-end fashion items directly.

The Luxury Closet home page with the Sell Now button.

48. Al Ain Farms

Al Ain Farms delivers dairy, juice, and poultry products directly to UAE homes, focusing on freshness and quality as the country's first dairy farm.

Al Ain Farms home page picture with the image of milk bottle and drawing of a cow tree and parents playing with their child.

49. Swarovski UAE

Swarovski UAE dazzles with its direct-to-consumer approach for jewelry and accessories, providing a sparkling selection through its e-commerce platform.

Swarovski home page picture with the image of a germs bracelet.

50. Zooplus UAE0

Zooplus UAE offers a comprehensive range of pet supplies directly to pet owners, ensuring convenience and a wide selection to meet all pet care needs. 

Zooplus UAEO home page with the picture of a dog and cat looking at the laptop screen with the flags of different nations.

Each of these brands exemplifies how the D2C model can be applied across various industries, providing UAE consumers with unique products and services tailored to their needs.

Ashwin Kumar
Co-Founder & CEO of CustomFit.ai