Top 15 Black Friday SaaS Deals 2021

Who doesn't love discounts? Especially if these are coming from the best companies on a few of the most sought after softwares in the industry. Black Friday deals are something companies look forward to each year. This year too, keeping up with the popular trend, companies are coming up with offers that will make your buying decisions easy. 

We have compiled a list of the best Black Friday deals in SaaS and we will keep adding to it. Take a look.

1. CallHippo

Call Hippo is a next generation cloud based telephony solution with which you can make virtual calls to your customers. It helps you combine business intelligence with communication skills and help you reach your potential customers. It comes with multiple features that will aid various aspects of sales and marketing.


Get flat 25% off on our Platinum Plan. This can be availed at the time of purchase using the code BFDEAL25. The offer is valid from 26 Nov 2021 to 29 Nov 2021. CallHippo is a powerful and user-friendly VoIP provider. It has a wide array of innovative features and provides excellent after-sales support. It enabled the organizations to make and receive calls from customers or prospects globally.

How to redeem

This offer can be availed in 4 simple steps.

Step 1 Visit CallHippo

Step 2 Click on Sign-Up

Step 3 Select "Platinum" plan

Step 4 Use Code BFDEAL25

2. is a 360 degree conversion optimization platform that enables dynamic personalization on the website among many other features. It empowers marketers to personalize their websites and nurture campaigns based on visitor behavior. 


Get 50% pricing on website personalization tool 

Code: CFBF2021

How to redeem: 

Send a mail with Code: CFBF2021 in the subject to


An OKR, Employee Engagement, and Performance Platform. Peoplebox helps every team in your company drive upto 50% more results & retention through OKRs,1:1, Continuous Feedback & Coaching.


Get 2 months free on our "All-in-one" annual plan

Coupon Code - BlackFriday

Validity - Valid only for signups before 29th November.

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3. Brand24

Brand24 is a high impact media monitoring app that empowers you tp manage your online reputation, track and assess marketing campaigns, get customer feedback, do social selling, among many other things. In addition, you get in-depth data to analyze your brand's presence in the market, raise brand awareness, or even monitor sentiment around your brand.


50% OFF on any plan for 3 months

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4. Chanty

Chanty is a team messaging and collaboration platform that provides the convenience of keeping all of your work in a single space. It simplifies varius tasks such as sharing projects with colleagues, holding quick meetings or deliberating long-term projects. All this can be carried out efficiently on Chanty in a hassle-free manner. It comes with audio and video calling, unlimited searchable messaging and an intuitive Kanban board.


Black Friday Deal: 15% off on a monthly plan (for 1 year), $2 per user on a yearly plan, 1 month free + 50% discount on non-profits, educational and government institutions

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5. Mailbird 

Mailbird provides efficient management of your emails for business and personal use. It consolidates all your email accounts into one place. The Mailbird browser-based interface allows you to check and manage all your emails straight from browser. It's the mail client that brings all your email into one inbox.


Discount generator on a landing page – from 50% to 90%

Offer Validity: From Nov 25 to Dec 2

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6. GetResponse

GetResponse lets you create, manage, and optimize your campaigns in one place for multiple devices. This means you can connect with customers in many ways, including email marketing, landing pages, webinars, and conversion funnels. Reply Manager is an all-in-one integrated tool that lets you run real-time customer conversations through live chat.

Offer: Up to 40% off

Offer Validity: From Nov 24 to Nov 30

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7. Pabbly Connect

Pabbly Connect provides automation of workflows between your favorite tools and organize meaningful data transfer. You can set up automated workflows in minutes, and connect different tools within one single workflow to extract data from one tool and then use it in the next.

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8. Social Champ

Social Champ offers social media management tools for companies of all sizes. With custom content management, teams can schedule posts across multiple platforms, publish updates, and monitor marketing efforts in one place. Social Champ is the only tool on the market that handles everything from content marketing to monitoring competitor activity to understanding customer feedback, all without charging for administrative tools or additional data.


30% off on monthly plans for the first three months OR 50% off on annual plans for the first year for new users only  for the Champ, Business, & Agency plans.
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9. UserGuiding 

UserGuiding is a simple way for businesses to build product walk-throughs with no coding experience. By building a step-by-step product tour within a team's existing website, companies can create a smooth and seamless transition from the website to the app — all without needing a single line of code.


Black Friday Deal: 50% off on all plans

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10. Pitch.LiNk

With Pitch.Link, you can create Single Unique Personalized Links for your website or social media post. These are great for sharing your content on various channels without all the distractions, and they allow your audience to see your content immediately with no page load delay. This is a powerful tool to help you share content and increase engagement across multiple channels (like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn).

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11. Socialli

This tool makes social media marketing smooth. Publish posts, schedule them for the future, analyze your follower insights, and see post reach. The idea behind this social networking software is pretty simple: it lets you focus on the fun stuff so you can grow your brand's social media presence quickly.

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12. Time To Reply

Time to reply is a solution designed to provide insight into your team’s email reply times. By connecting with your business’s email accounts, Time To Reply can capture metrics on how long it takes your staff to respond, and then report this data in real-time.

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13. Consolto

Video Chat Directly From Your Website! Consolto is an all-in-one video chat solution that helps simplify, boost and organize remote meetings between businesses and customers. You can customise your video chat with branding for each of your website pages so that your business looks great to everyone who visits.


70% off on All plans for the first three months!

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14. Satiurn

Satiurn lets you work on multiple tools on a single platform and also adds to the cost effectiveness. By eliminating the need to juggle between platforms, it lets you reduce time and effort in managing projects and campaigns and increases productivity of teams. 

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15. Customervox

It serves e-commerce brands to provide holistic experiences to customers by creating personalized touch-points in the buyer journey using machine learning. It is a sales optimizer for Shopify stores.

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Every year companies look forward to these seasonal deals which are a good way to try out the products. These deals are available for a limited period. 

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