Top Marketing Influencers to Follow in 2022

Digital marketers are highly active on social media platforms and enjoy interacting with audiences. In this field, there have emerged few noteworthy content creators who share their experiences, learning and the best in the technological trends. We have listed top influencers (in no particular order) in the marketing field whom you can follow to enhance your knowledge in this industry. Read on. 

Larry Kim

He is the co-founder of Mobile Monkey, a leading chat marketing platform. He frequently posts on LinkedIn about automation tools in marketing that makes life easy for marketers. However, his expertise lies in the PPC domain of digital marketing. He is an influencer that budding marketers look up to. 

Visit Larry's LinkedIn and website.

Peep Laja

He is one of the new generation marketers who has a captivated audience on LinkedIn. His courses on marketing and conversion optimization are highly popular and have launched careers of many leading marketers. Apart from CXL, he has founded companies like Wynter and Speero. If you want to follow content about messaging, optimization and strategy, then Peep is the right influencer to follow on LinkedIn. 

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Ashwin Krishna

He is one of the leading voices in SaaS marketing which is slowly becoming a niche in it’s own. There are few marketers who post exclusively on this topic. Ashwin Krishna is a well known marketer in this space with experience spanning over decades. He shares his expertise in this field on LinkedIn. He is the global marketing director at 

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Roger Dooley

If you want to implement the knowledge of behavioral science and neuroscience in marketing then, Roger Dooley is the person to follow. He has written extensively on the subjects and has two popular books in marketing to his credit namely- Brainfluence and Friction. 

Visit Roger's LinkedIn and website.

Sairam Krishnan

Sairam's newsletter and website called The CMO Journal talks extensively about content marketing, brand positioning and related topics. He shares insightful content and commentary on the latest trends in marketing and recommends best practices. He has previously worked as a Corporate Marketing Lead at FreshWorks. 

Visit Sairam's LinkedIn and website.

Sunil Neurgaonkar

A leading SaaS marketer, Suni Neurgaonkar has a wide range of experience in marketing and demand generation. On his podcast SaaS Sessions, he has conversations with the leaders in this field who share the latest and the best practices in the industry. 

Visit Sunil's LinkedIn and website.

Ann Handley

She is known among marketers and writers for her popular book - Everybody Writes. Besides this, she is the Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs. She is widely followed for her insightful content about content and copy writing and branding. 

Visit Ann's LinkedIn and website.

Brian Massey

Follow Brian Massey, also known as Conversion Scientist, for the best practices in conversion optimization and related topics. Massey is widely followed for his insights in marketing and business that comes with his wide experience in marketing and entrepreneurship. He is also the author of the book Your Customer Creation Equation. 

Visit LinkedIn and website.

Deepak Kanakaraju

Co-founder and CEO of, Deepak Kanakaraju, shares extensively about various aspects of digital marketing and automation. He is a leading digital marketing trainer and consultant and had previously co-founded a performance marketing agency. Follow him for both basic and advanced level digital marketing training. 

Visit Deepak's LinkedIn and website.

Brian Dean

CEO of Exploding Topics and Backlinko, Brain Dean has carved a niche for himself as a leading digital marketer with an expertise in SEO. He is followed widely on LinkedIn and his blog- Backlinko and Exploding Topics. His newsletter is a knowledge house of best SEO practices and the latest trends in content creation and marketing. 

Visit Brian's LinkedIn and website.

Dr. Shambhavi Rajagopal

A veteran in her field, Dr. Shambhavi is an academician, consultant and entrepreneur. She heads Spectrum — a platform for sharing marketing insights and consulting people who want to delve deeper into their business.

Visit Shambhavi's LinkedIn and website.

Vanshika Mehta

She is a brand and communication strategist and consultant and amongst LinkedIn’s top voices who share her expertise about content writing, marketing and branding and conducts workshops on the same. 

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Jonny Longden

He is the conversion director at Journey Further, a Conversion Rate Optimization agency specializing in testing and experimenting for businesses. Jonny is widely followed for the content and insights he shares on LinkedIn. Journey Further newsletter, Test Everything is a knowledge house of insights into CRO practices. 

Visit Jonny's LinkedIn and website.

Alex Birkett

He is the co-founder of a content marketing agency called Omniscient Digital, and runs the experimentation/CRO program at Workato. He shares widely about content marketing, experimentation and other related topics.

Visit Alex's LinkedIn and website.

Martin Waxman

He is a digital marketing and social media strategist at LinkedIn and also a professor of marketing and AI research. He has developed a Digital Strategy and Communications Management Certificate at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies and teaches several courses there.

Visit Martin's LinkedIn and website.

Shiv Narayanan

Shiv is the CEO of How to SaaS — a marketing consulting agency specializing in the SaaS industry. He has helped client B2B companies create hundreds of millions of dollars in enterprise value with marketing and demand gen. 

Visit Shiv's LinkedIn and website.

Vaibhav Sisinty

One of the leading voices and most followed marketers on LinkedIn, Vaibhav Sisinty represents the new age marketer with a lingo and personality that youngsters can relate to. He is the founder and CEO of Growth School — a platform that provides courses for growth and marketing aspirants. 

Visit Vaibhav's LinkedIn and website.

Rand Fishkin

He is a well known name in digital marketing and is counted amongst few of the successful co-founders in this space. He is presently the CEO of SparkToro which solves the problem of audience research in marketing. He has a wide reaching influence on LinkedIn with over one lakh followers. He has authored a book named 'Lost and Founder' and often shares information on various topics in marketing and business apart from audience research. 

Visit Rand's LinkedIn and website.

Vrunda Bansode

Head of marketing at Sattva consulting, Vrunda Bansode, she shares her avid knowledge on subjects like branding, digital marketing for profits and non-profits and entrepreneurship among other topics. 

Visit Vrunda's LinkedIn and website.

Ty Frankel

Helping agency owners increase their reach and conversions, Ty Frankel shares content on marketing and content generation. He also has courses on various subjects in marketing like Linkedin Outreach and Cold Emails. Subscribe to his newsletter on Linkedin to learn more about these topics. 

Visit Ty's LinkedIn and website.

Hrithik Raj 

Founder at Content Scroll, a content and digital marketing agency. If you are someone looking to understand content and conversion driven writing, follow Hrithik on LinkedIn to get the latest updates on the subject. He widely writes and shares about content and marketing across various industries. 

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Heidi Cohen

Heidi is the chief marketing officer at Actionable Marketing Guide. Her agency carries out marketing projects for Omni-channel Marketing, Digital Marketing, Voice Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media and Direct Marketing. She shares marketing insights in her newsletter- Actionable Marketing Guide. 

Visit Heidi's LinkedIn and website.

Anil Varma

With over 13 years of experience in marketing and analytics, Anil Varma, shares the best practices in SEO for beginners as well as experienced. He heads a marketing agency named SemlyPro that carries out 360 degree digital marketing for clients from various industries. 

Visit Anil's LinkedIn and website.

Sorav Jain 

One among the most followed digital marketers in India, Sorav Jain spearheads echoVME, a digital marketing agency based out of Chennai, where some of the best Social Media Strategists work in tandem to drive results. 

Visit Sorav's LinkedIn and website.

Corey Haines 

Founder of SwipeFiles, Corey specializes in marketing and growth for SaaS & startups. He shares about content and copy writing that drives conversions and has a knowledge sharing community, SwipeFiles where you can find courses on these topics.  

Visit Corey's LinkedIn and website.

The above list will be updated periodically. If you are a marketing influencer or know an influencer whom you think deserves a mention in the list, write to us at