Below the fold

What is Below the Fold?

Below the fold is a phrase often used in web page design and content writing that refers to the portion of a page that can only be seen after a user has scrolled down. It’s important for any website to understand how to utilize this space, as it can have a significant impact on user experience and engagement. By optimizing the content below the fold, you can draw more attention to specific sections of a page and generate more leads.

What’s the Purpose of Below the Fold?

The purpose of content below the fold is to engage users and direct them to the most important messages and calls to action on a website. By being aware of the fold, you can ensure that your message isn’t lost while keeping the most important information visible on the page. Additionally, using this space to its maximum potential can help you present a more organized and visually appealing page that will resonate with your audience.

What’s Included in the Content Below the Fold?

Below the fold is typically used to display content that is secondary in importance to the content above the fold. This could include:

• Call to action buttons
• Social media icons
• Promotional offers
• Videos
• Contact information
• Long-form content
• Testimonials
• Images
• Blog posts

By taking advantage of below-the-fold content, you can ensure that your message is seen by all users and that your website is optimized for maximum engagement.