Fetch as Google

What is Fetch as Google? 

Fetch as Google is a tool offered by Google Search Console that allows users to request that Googlebot crawl and index a specific URL on their website. It allows users to see how their website appears in the Google search results and troubleshoot any issues that may be present.

What is the difference between “fetch” and “fetch and render”? 

The “Fetch” option will request that Googlebot crawl the page, but it does not render the page. The “Fetch and Render” option will request that Googlebot crawl the page and render the page as it would appear in a browser.

How do I know if Fetch as Google was successful? 

You can check the ‘Status’ column in the "Fetch as Google" tool to see if the request was successful. If the request was successful, you should see a green checkmark next to the URL. If there was an error, you should see a red "X" next to the URL.

What does "Fetch as Google" not do? 

Fetch as Google does not guarantee that the content submitted will be indexed by Google. Additionally, Fetch as Google does not provide information about the website’s ranking in Google search results. It is simply used to check how a URL on a website is seen by Google.