Quality Score

What is Quality Score?

Quality Score is an assessment of the relevance and quality of an advertisement's landing page, keywords, and other related factors. It is a numerical score, usually between 1 and 10, assigned by search engine advertising platforms such as Google Ads and Bing Ads. The higher the Quality Score, the higher the ad will be placed and the lower the cost per click will be.

What Factors Affect Quality Score?

There are a number of factors that can affect Quality Score, including:

• Relevancy of the ad to the keyword

• Relevancy of the landing page to the keyword

• Quality of the landing page

• Quality of the ad copy

• Click-through rate

• Historical performance of the ad

How to Improve Quality Score?

There are several steps taken to improve your Quality Score and maximize the effectiveness of your search engine advertising campaigns.

• Choose relevant keywords: To ensure that your ad is relevant to the keyword, make sure to choose keywords that are related to your ad and landing page content.

• Create a relevant landing page: Make sure to create a landing page that is relevant to the keyword and ad copy. This will help ensure that visitors are getting the information they are expecting when they click on your ad.

• Write compelling ad copy: Writing compelling ad copy can help increase click-through rates and improve Quality Scores. Make sure to include a call to action and use persuasive language to encourage people to click on your ad.