Episode #25

Making the right choices from tactics to technology

Making the right choices from tactics to technology

Alex Price is the Founder of a UK-based B2B marketing agency. He is passionate about partnering with ambitious marketers and empowering them for success.

He was included twice in the BIMA 100 of the 'people shaping the future of the digital industry' and named by The Drum as their 'Agency Rising Star' of 2016, he started freelancing at 16 and founded his digital agency. He dabbled with some web design, and moved on to explore SEO and a little bit of everything about digital marketing.

He then dropped out of university to turn a freelance business into an award winning Top 100 UK Independent Digital Agency (according to The Drum) in under 3 years. In 2019, 93digital was named as an E-consultancy 'One to Watch' Agency in their Top 100 Agency table.

Here are some highlights:

  • How to convince to invest into strategic projects?
  • Using multi-lingual website for SEO
  • Adding personalization to a B2B MarTech Stack
  • Advice to next-gen marketers

Deep work behind understanding the Customer’s customer

Alex : Deep insight and understanding is key across everything that we do. We split up projects into two phases. The first being the strategy and discussion phase, and the next being the actual designing and developing phase. So, the first phase is where we get down to think about analytics, SEO, user journey, and workshop formats that we run. And, then we go on to cross-reference that with qualitative and quantitative data sources and research that we undertake.

I always talk about strategic and non-strategic projects. The latter always are the ones that need to look good and are relatively cheap. If you want to be investing in increasing lead generation and revenues, then you need to be investing in the right scope of work early on in the organization.

The right time to use multi-lingual websites

Alex : For new companies, multi-lingual websites is an option when they want to enter new markets without any physical presence. For others, it might be for them to rank on Google in different languages and localize their business for different markets. The way it starts ranking, you start seeing benefits in local markets. Any client who is serious about SEO also needs to be serious about localization.

Developing a MarTech stack for B2B companies with personalization

Alex : Personalization is always in the list of many B2B marketers, but with other priorities, it always gets knocked off. We need to spend enough time in setting the right rules and measure it to start seeing results. Account-based marketing is something a lot of marketers are investing in. And here, website personalization can play a big supporting role in terms of targeting people one-on-one.

Advice to next-gen marketers

Alex: Start as general as possible and then go up to choose a specialization as you go up the ladder. So, try and become a T-shaped marketer. Prioritization is the biggest skill.

                                 "Anybody serious about SEO should also be serious about localization."

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Twitter: alxprc