GrowthFit Interview series
Episode #1

New-age marketing mantra: Experimentation and Community Building

New-age marketing mantra: Experimentation and Community Building

We are excited to present the first episode of SaaS GrowthFit, an interview series to support the marketing ecosystem and learn from ways that challenge the norm. Digvijay Wanchoo, the Assistant Manager, Marketing and Communication at GeekyAnts Software is a developer turned marketer. He has a self-led and self-taught path into marketing.

Don’t miss to spot these:

  • Marketing metrics that matter the most: Conversion rates & ROI
  • Personalizing your website
  • The right marketing mix to succeed with your campaigns
  • How to create a successful marketing team culture?
  • More about Digvijay Wanchoo’s marketing journey

My favorite marketing metric:

While “conversion rate” is the first love as it culminates to represent the efforts that went behind a campaign or any marketing project, ROI is what Digvijay talks about.

“Return on investment (ROI) drives every marketer to work with the big picture in mind. ROI lets the marketer invest in the right measure of time and effort that is required to achieve the big picture. But, to get to the ROI, it is necessary to touch and be aware of the conversion rates too.”

How to ensure that the ROI is optimal?

#1 Don’t stop after executing a campaign. There is more to it. You need to evaluate why the campaign succeeded or why it failed. Make it an iterative process and make changes to your campaign while it is live.

#2 Set the right expectations with realistic goals. Evaluate the expectations that you have from an investment, and set a benchmark ahead about what you want to achieve. Don’t underpromise or overpromise about any investment. Be fair.

Personalizing Website

How do you personalize your website and what do you do to ensure that it is personalized?

Begin with who are your audiences and data points that describe their needs. It helps us understand the audience, finding our place in the market. It gives us insights into how and when should our website be tailored such that we are able to help our audience in a timely manner.

The majority of your personalization depends on how well your content communicates with your audience.

What about using a ‘Static Page’ for Pricing?

With complexity in pricing models, static pricing pages help in communicating to the visitors of the website. For now, static pages are a matter of simplification. I feel static pages are going to be around for a while before we start customizing pricing pages for every product.

Succeeding with campaign experimentation and community creation

Email and inbound are the major sources of lead generation

Email marketing and inbound marketing are the top picks for successful lead generation. For organic sources of lead generation, we invest in building a community and being there at places where we are able to engage with our audience.

For organic lead generation, your marketing practices matter more than any platform.

Role of Email marketing in the entire marketing mix

Email communication can be designed for your marketing objective. That is one of the reasons email still works despite other communication tools such as Slack, Skype, and so on that are available.

Ways to build a brand’s online presence. Rule #1 Community

Building a community is my top preference. I see that it helps in creating the offline and humane touch and helps us engage when we have to create an online presence.

Social media is an obvious place where such engagement can happen over conversations. I would look up to social media to build a community. The reputation and connection that emerges within a community translate into creating a wider online presence.

Your 2 cents on how can a team succeed with marketing

  • Just keep going. Persevere.
  • Learn from the best in the market but play it in your way.
  • Find your voice.
  • Brainstorm and own your ideas.
  • Keep the bigger picture in front of you.
  • Find your strength and build on top of that.

Choosing the unorthodox way into marketing. More about Digvijay’s marketing journey

What are the resources used to stay in touch with marketing know-how?

  • Books would be on top of my resource list. It helps in creating new world views and perspectives.
  • The second place is LinkedIn where we get to see marketers sharing their knowledge.

Most successful and failed campaign

The most successful campaign happens because of being at the right place at the right time. And, many of my failed campaigns can be attributed to not assessing the impact due to a lack of data.

Biggest challenges for marketers in 2021

Fluctuations and unpredictability due to the COVID situation.

Marketing mentors

#1 My father

#2 I work closely with Aswathy Anil, VP Sales and Business Development at GeekyAnts who works with infectious energy, pushing you to be better and approachable for great brainstorming sessions.

Mantra for a successful marketing career

Keep experimenting. Nothing is set in stone. There is no fixed path to success.

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