GrowthFit Interview series
Episode #17

Leveraging webinar as a source of lead generation

Leveraging webinar as a source of lead generation

Fiona Stevens comes with an experience of managing both in-house and agency teams. She started with PR, and then worked with many agencies. After that she focused a lot on e-commerce and now working with Loyaltylion.

Fiona believes that while one remains an expert in marketing, they should be sharing those skills with other people as well. She believes in staying connected with the team members to learn even during a remote working mode.

Fiona Stevens shares some deep insights about her experience working with e-commerce.

Highlights of the talk:

  • How do you reach out to your audience as a B2B e-commerce brand?
  • What does it mean to use personalized content?
  • One thing that matters in the SaaS marketing world
  • Webinar as a source of lead generation

Medium that works for e-commerce

Fiona: We heavily invest in content campaigns to reach out to e-commerce merchants and educate them about topics that they are interested in. Some of them are around building a business, revenue generation, and so on. So, we research a lot about what they prefer to consume. We use social media, SEO, content marketing that includes creation of e-books and webinars.

What data points do you use to create your Ideal Customer Profile?

Fiona: Market value, revenue , how many products are being sold, what products are being sold are some basic data points that we gather. We focus on whether their products have repeat sales. We try to understand our customer’s customer. We also look at the technology that they use.

Ensure your website has personalized content

Fiona: For website content you should be in touch with customer success teams who talk to your customers all the time. This helps you create something that resonates with the audience.

What is that one way in which personalization can help your digital marketing?

Fiona: The key to personalization is to make someone feel that we understand their problems. We help them solve the problem but not try to sell something to them. It is important to understand metrics such as how many times they come back to your website, what they are looking for and so on.

Sources of Lead generation

Fiona: Webinars help us get leads and are a great content campaign. It is more important to follow-up with leads rather than being able to generate those leads. The criteria to follow up with leads is to find out if they are completely new to the webinar or are they followers on social media. But the biggest mistake is to assume that everyone who attended your webinar is willing to talk to you about the product. So, creating the follow-up materials is so important.

While someone may be interested in an on-demand webinar or want to read a blog about it. So it is important to be able to summarize the webinar in an article for people to read later. We need to also think about what other information that they would be willing to hear from us.

What is your secret formula for paid campaigns?

Fiona: The tools available today make it very easy. We need job titles and targeting parameters so that we target our ads to very relevant audiences. Your look alike audiences are going to be even more valuable than they were before. This depends on what and who you are selling. Make the most out of the tools that you have … make it a priority to know about who you are selling to.

Revenue is a key metric that provides evidence of how your marketing is going on. How many leads that we are bringing in are sales qualified. This helps us understand if we are getting to the right audience or not.

One thing that matters in the SaaS marketing world

Fiona: SaaS is a fast changing market. We can’t keep perfecting a pricing page to be launched. Even after the launch it may not serve the purpose. We need to be working closely with the marketing team to keep making it better.

In the pandemic world, what are the challenges of a marketer?

Fiona: Just doing things online was the main challenge during the pandemic when everyone went remote. We already have everything digital, but we need to know how to make it better and creative. At one point, marketing was all about being creative, but now it is all about data.

What are the ways to increase a brand’s online presence?

Fiona: It depends on what you are selling. One most important thing that is most ignored and hard is to get your team to start doing it. We have used different types of webinars. We have tried AMAs, virtual round table dinners, short conferences, and it is important to understand how to keep doing these things online.

Advice to entry-level marketers

Fiona: Make connections and keep them warm.

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