GrowthFit Interview series
Season 3 Episode 6

A deep discussion on customer retention in D2C industry with Amit Yadav from Mamaearth

Amit Yadav
AVP - Growth

Navigating the D2C Seas: Insights from Amit, AVP of Growth at MamaEarth

In the ever-evolving landscape of Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) marketing, the journey to success is paved with groundbreaking strategies and valuable insights. In a candid conversation with Amit, the seasoned professional and AVP of Growth at MamaEarth, we unravel the intricacies of D2C marketing and gain a unique perspective on the industry's future in India.

Amit's Journey with MamaEarth and the Role of AVP of Growth

With a tenure of 4.5 years at MamaEarth, Amit oversees growth aspects, including inclusion, acquisition, and production. His experience provides a wealth of knowledge as he navigates the dynamic world of D2C marketing.

Establishing MamaEarth in Smaller Towns: The Winning Formula

MamaEarth's success in smaller towns stems from a focus on product value, user experiences, and extensive data analysis. Understanding user demands and iterating formulations play a crucial role in their approach.

MamaEarth's Reach and Offline Presence

Operating primarily in India from a D2C perspective, MamaEarth also engages in global e-commerce. The brand has offline retail stores in India and is testing the waters in the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Managing MamaEarth's Website: A Peek Behind the Scenes

Amit sheds light on the tools MamaEarth uses, including Contentful for product listing and Magento as the backend. The key focuses are on the banner strategy, cataloging, and coupon strategy.

Customer Retention: A Personalized Approach

Currently, MamaEarth boasts a sales split of 40% new customers and 60% existing customers. The brand's retention strategy revolves around customer experience and personalization, tailoring offers based on extensive data analysis.

Data Analysis and Decision-Making: A Daily Routine for Growth

Amit's daily routine involves updating numbers, analyzing top and bottom lines, and planning for product launches and acquisition strategies. Data analysis relies on both daily and rolling 70 exponential data to identify trends and facilitate quick decision-making.

Influencer Marketing and the Customer Journey

While influencer marketing was crucial until 2021-22, Amit emphasizes the shift towards brand building, focusing on better products, data understanding, and sustainable marketing strategies for long-term success. The customer journey is approached with a core strategy of brand building, leveraging content optimization and distribution on platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

The Future of D2C in India: Opportunities and Challenges

Amit foresees the D2C industry in India reaching a $30 billion market by 2030. While opportunities abound, success requires a focus on better products, data insights, and effective marketing strategies for sustainability.

Amit's Three Key Points for Customer Retention

  1. Ensure product quality aligns with claims.
  2. Enhance the overall buying experience from pre- to post-purchase.
  3. Emphasize personalized strategies, testing, and constant improvement.

Explaining D2C Marketing to a Five-Year-Old

In a nutshell, D2C marketing, as explained by Amit, is like creating something special, sharing it with others, and keeping some extra for yourself. It's about making money by selling at a higher price than what you paid.

As we delve into the world of D2C through Amit's insights, we gain a comprehensive understanding of the industry's dynamics, challenges, and the roadmap to sustained success in the ever-evolving market.