GrowthFit Interview series
Season 3 Episode 6

Redefining Engagement: The Power of Value and Consumer based DTC Marketing with Vishal Prasad.

Journey to Becoming a Performance Marketer from Being an Intern.

Introduction to Vishal Prasad:

- Vishal Prasad, founder of Performance Solutions, shares insights into his journey.

- With expertise in performance marketing and sales coordination, Vishal navigates the dynamic digital landscape.

Evolution of Marketing:

- Vishal discusses the evolution of marketing, emphasizing the shift from mere ad running to a holistic approach.

- Mentors and influential books played a pivotal role in shaping his understanding of marketing's intricacies.

Changing Marketing Dynamics:

- The marketing landscape has transformed significantly, focusing more on funnel optimization and business fixes.

- Vishal emphasizes the importance of profitability over just scaling revenue.

Understanding Performance Marketing:

- Performance marketing is a subset of digital marketing, concentrating on revenue generation through various strategies beyond just ad running.

- Vishal highlights the necessity of understanding metrics like customization cost and lifetime value for effective performance marketing.

Crafting Effective Funnels:

- Vishal stresses the importance of understanding audience behavior across the five stages of decision-making.

- Effective funnel creation involves educating customers and building trust, rather than just offering discounts.

Building a Knowledgeable Team:

- Vishal shares his approach to hiring, emphasizing attitude over skills and knowledge.

- Prospective team members are assessed based on their willingness to learn and their ability to ask the right questions.

Attitude and Learning:

- Vishal emphasizes the importance of attitude and willingness to learn in potential hires.

- Mentors and reaching out for knowledge are crucial for personal and professional growth.

Key Challenges in Performance Marketing:

- Many brands focus solely on revenue (ROAS) without considering other vital metrics like average order value and customer lifetime value (CLV).

- Understanding unit economics, including cost of goods sold (COGS), is crucial for profitability.

Key Objectives for Brands:

- Profitability is paramount, with objectives focusing on not losing money on the first order and encouraging repeat purchases.

- Brands should focus on optimizing conversion rates and increasing average order value.

Strategies for Engagement and Conversion:

- Creating a value ladder helps build trust with potential customers.

- Compelling offers and personalized experiences can differentiate smaller brands from industry giants.

- Utilizing exit intent pop-ups and retargeting can capture potential customers who may not convert immediately.

Advice for Budding Performance Marketers:

- Seek mentors for guidance and learning, as they can significantly reduce the learning curve.

- Gain real-world experience and understand the business mechanisms beyond just media buying.

- Emphasize practical learning over relying solely on courses or YouTube tutorials.


- The podcast hosts express gratitude for the insightful discussion and highlight the importance of continuous learning and practical insights shared by experienced practitioners like Vishal in the field of performance marketing.