When and why should you use this?
Account-specific display ads
Multi-ad campaign for target accounts
Repetition of messaging for better retention
A holistic experience builds curiosity among your audience to stick around with your brand. Extending the messaging and emotion from your display ad to the corresponding landing page encourages brand stickiness.
How to personalize exclusive offers for target accounts?
Using Custom Fit.ai
Build visitor profiles using tabs called ‘Visitors’ and ‘Segments’. Use the ‘Experience Engine’ to map your target accounts to specific ads and their landing pages. Scale this to all your campaigns and ads.
Here are some ways in which you can customize and individualize your display ads.
1:1 intro page for target accounts (awareness stage)
1:1 ROI case study page for target accounts (evaluation stage)
1:1 intro page for contacts at target accounts (awareness stage)
1:1 "switch to us" page for target accounts (awareness stage)