When and why should you use this?
Paid ads
Audience targeting
Use case targeting
Target ads and create audience segments only that matter to the use cases that your product serves. Develop processes that promise to deliver value over a specific use case.
How to tailor paid landing page by use case?
Create a journey path available as a feature within CustomFit.ai. Map unique paths to each use case and set rules to personalize headlines, text, images, and buttons on your paid ad landing pages.
Top fold & Heading
Prevent a bounce rate by creating unique headlines that create a connection with each user persona’s use case. Tweak the description below it too. Create a single paid campaign for each keyword set for a specific use case.
Page content & Social proof
If your product offers a single use case to more than one audience segment, customize the landing page for each segment and develop content assets that showcase social proof that is meaningful to each audience segment.
Mention the solution for each use case, benefits or the value that they will take home in the CTA. For eg: “Choose the productive path” “Get a sneak peek”, etc.