When and why should you use this?
Search-intent for price-sensitive keywords
Keyword optimization
Pay-per-click campaign optimization
Reduce your cost-to-customer by providing information on your landing page to reflect the keywords with a certain ‘search-intent’. Relevant and contextual information builds resonance, increasing the chance of converting a paid campaign visitor on your landing page.
How to personalize exclusive offers for target accounts?
Using Custom Fit.ai
Customize links to track with UTM parameters. While creating a campaign, use the link customizations to add unique keywords within a campaign and present personalized copy on the landing for those parameters.
Top fold & Heading
Present FREE versus the paid pricing plans. Some titles could be around “Get it FREE for 2 weeks”, “Explore all features for $19”, “Try Enterprise plan for FREE for 7 days”.
Page content & Social proof
Use a testimonial or relevant case study to talk more about the value and benefits for the cost.
Add a number, price or offer in the CTA.