When and why should you use this?
Paid ads
Audience targeting
Pay-per-click campaign optimization
If your audience is evaluating your product or service and is unaware of your brand earlier, showing them social proof would build immediate trust. Invite audiences to paid landing pages with social proof to build trust and quicker adoption.
How to tailor paid landing page for social proof seekers?
Customize links to track with UTM parameters. While creating a campaign, use the link customizations to add industry and audience-specific social proof within a campaign and present personalized copy on the landing for those parameters.
Top fold & Heading
Update the top-fold with headlines that re-instate your foothold such as,
“Global leader for
“Recognized by Gartner as
“Product of the year
Page content & Social proof
Add additional proof within detailed documents as gated content. Insert industry-exclusive case studies, similar persona testimonials, and other assets that match your audience. Use the live editor to perfect the look and feel of your landing page before launching it.
Add numbers about how many are being added to the community. Show if a look-alike audience is already using your product.