When and why should you use this?
Affiliates, co-branding partners, or influencers are involved.
When you have a unique campaign with each partner in your ecosystem
Introduce your brand or product to emerging new cohorts.
CustomFit will treat every visitor from a certain partner in a relevant way. Use UTM parameters to create a tight context and plan the personalization campaign. Ensure your affiliate and referral marketing spend is not wasted because of irrelevance. Explore the following UTM parameters inserted into URLs to personalize each campaign:
UTM campaign
UTM medium
UTM source
UTM content
IP address
How to customize your website for affiliates, referrals, partners, and other sponsors?
Using UTM parameters customize different parts of a page. Induct variables into the page that customize based on different parameters, so that a sense of familiarity is induced.
If you are using a specific content asset, lead magnet, or a use case to drive traffic from an affiliate partner to your website, mention that in your headline. Use synonyms and connected contexts in the subsequent headlines all across the page.
Page Content
Page content needs to be further customized to build close contexts. Use HubSpot and Clearbit to align the customer identities and throw customized offers across other inbound channels. Surprise them with coupon codes, and offers in a blogpost. Lug them onto a long-term loyalty program with referral bonus.