When and why should you use this?
Focus on growing your customer base, organically
Invest more in best-selling referral programs
Encouraging brand loyalty and stickiness
Using IP address and UTM parameters, CustomFit can identify the users and customers who would have a high probability of conversion. Using the Visual editor and dashboard personalize messaging about the referral program and target it specifically to those profiles. Use advanced analytics that stitches data coming from different channels and automate experimentation of which messaging convinces a customer to turn into a champion.
How to personalize your website to create a successful referral marketing program?
Using CustomFit.ai
Highlight the referral program in the headline. With registered customers and their profile IDs, flash the relevant offer code that works with them to get started with the referral program. Incorporate the referral program details in the sub heading.
Call-to-Action (CTA)
Personalize text on buttons or any other action-oriented text with next steps of referral programs or campaign-specific coupon and offer codes. Show what they earn after every successful referral.