When and why should you use this?
Revive cold leads
Accelerate buying cycle
Open conversation with new accounts
Integrate the CRM data into CustomFit. Salesforce, Segment, and Hubspot are some of the databases you could seamlessly integrate to push the personalized offer to your cold leads.Upload and add the list using the ABM. For each segment, add a campaign name and other variables for customization. Set the rule for a specific offer for each target account or list.
How to personalize exclusive offers for target accounts?
Using Custom Fit.ai
The Account-based marketing section (ABM) allows you to add a different set of target accounts and track them separately. Create unique offer codes and their currency at the time of conversion. These offers can be redeemed during the typical offline conversations in a B2B sales cycle.
Top fold & Heading
“Extended trial period for 3 days.” “2 months FREE for the Basic plan”. These could be some of the headlines used when the target accounts land on the product page or conversion page.You can store these offers while updating the campaign information in the ABM section. After publishing the campaign, analyze the results in the ‘dashboard’.
Explain the offer
Use the sub-heading to create the urgency and explain the offer.
Show a limited period offer, mention the last date, or any other message that explains the exclusivity of your offer to the target account.