When and why should you use this?
Account-based marketing
Using Ideal Customer list
Outbound communication
The tab ‘Visitors’ allows you to build visitor profiles linked to your CRM or DMP and also create email lists. Use the ABM tab to bulk upload customer details and their respective URLs or create custom URLs. This feature allows you to easily add personalization parameters (user properties & utm params) to URL.
How to personalize the intro page for 1:1 interaction for contacts at target accounts?
Using Custom Fit.ai
Use third party integrations to bring every detail of your contacts onto CustomFit which can then reflect on the intro page. Apart from the ABM tab, there are capabilities to explore journeys relevant to the evaluation stage. Use the visitors and segments tab to define your target account and set rules for messages to change.
Create custom URLs using the features under the ‘ABM’ tab in CustomFit. Track every target account with a unique link. Share a link with the target account name to provide a 1:1 personalized experience.
Top fold & Heading
Personalize the heading with the name, designation or the target account’s company name by tracking the IP address that is extracted into CustomFit. Using the custom URL, send one unique link to every person without any manual effort.
Add necessary variables to show how other colleagues involved in the buy-in cycle would also benefit from your product.
You could use the name of the person or the company included into the text on the call-to-action.