When and why should you use this?
Multi-persona targeting
Homepage conversions
Use case specific leadgen
Using behavioral data that is churned out by the advanced analytics feature of CustomFit, you can assign personalized messages to draw the attention of micro audiences. Flash relevant messages not just once, but revise them as your customer traverses through different points of a journey.
Use data integrated into CustomFit via your customer data platform, marketing automation tool, or customer relationship management tool.
How to personalize your homepage to match each customer use case?
Identify customer personas and micro personas, their needs, motivations, and interests. Create a list of vocabulary and objects that would draw their attention, staying hooked to your website. 
Go to the tab >Experiences. Create a new experience by building your target audience persona under the tab >Targeting. Add “homepage” title to the tab >Pages.
Top fold & Headline
Find an image or caricature that resonates with the value proposition that you are selling to your specific customer persona. Use customized vocabulary in the headline that communicates your selling propositions the most.
Subtitle and Description
Mention the top user-friendly features that matter most to the concerned set of target audience.
Lead gen form title & CTA
Should you be using leadgen form on the homepage or a signup form, you can add a lead magnet relevant to the interest in the use case.