When and why should you use this?
Gated content or events
Lead generation
Personalized lead nurturing
Personalize banners for the entire content promotion exercise by using different parameters that are available with CustomFit. Here are a few of them.
Full name
Company name
IP address
Content asset with problem
How to promote content assets with personalized banners?
Personalizing banners to promote content is done with the aim to get immediate action. Use a strong title, brief, CTA, and image that describes the value proposition of the content asset. This will help you drive the necessary conversion.
Content Asset with title
Bring a complimenting combination of a title and an image of the content asset. For instance, showcase a book for an e-book and a well formatted document for a whitepaper of case study.
Personalized CTA for every content asset
Customize a set of CTAs for immediate user action and higher conversion. Map each set of CTA options with each set of audience segments and content assets.