When and why should you use this?
Local SEO
Showcase local expertise
Location-dependent conversions
Some products are consumed and preferred differently in different locations. In the B2B context, language, accent, images, and cultural aspects such as reading style are among those that can be both customized and personalized based on location.
How to personalize exclusive offers for target accounts?
Using Custom Fit.ai
Use audience segmentation capability, in-built in the personalization engine to personalize and target based on location. This includes, using variables such as IP address, city, state, country, territory, and many other keyword combinations to tighten your personalized targeting.
Top fold & Heading
Personalize both your content and offering to a specific location. Add the location to your headline such as, “California”, “Birmingham”, etc and showcase how your offering is unique. You could bring exclusivity for location-targeted events, webinars, workshops, local meetups, etc.
Page content
Personalize the page content using the ‘Journey Explorer’. Track location and provide a fresh look based on the place of operation.
Social Proof
Place a case study that pleases and resonates with the law of land and people. Especially around legislation about data privacy, local preferences of business models, and so on.
Add a location-specific vocabulary or offer to personalize the CTA.