When and why should you use this?
Long purchase cycles
Different line of decision makers
Deep due diligence before purchase
Integrate your marketing automation tools like HubSpot with CustomFit. Develop personas for all those involved in the buy-in cycle during a long sales process. Facilitate marketing efforts with highly personalized messaging.
Enrich data with the incoming user information and build your first-party data integrating with tools such as Clearbit and Segment.
How to personalize your website for every stage of the funnel?
Using Custom Fit.ai
Define stages of the funnel
Some of the most common stages used in a B2B purchase cycle are:
Attention or Awareness
Interest or Engagement
Desire or Consideration which also involves multiple rounds of due diligence
Action or Purchase. This could also be a pilot project for many B2B businesses.
Define personas for every stage
Classify people by designation who are key decision makers for each stage of purchase decision
Use firmographics to classify the personas by stage.
Request a Demo or Checkout page
For enterprise sales or inside sales, ensure you have an industry-specific, demo call scheduling page.
Flow of the page
Customize the page across these points.
Exclusive Headline for each stage
Add a value proposition in the subtitle, describing how they could benefit out of your product. Service them with what they are already looking for.
Call-to-Action (CTA)
The action depends on what your audience wants to achieve. So customize your call-to-action buttons for A/B tests and campaign-specific landing pages.
Book a demo
Compare the product
How-to guides for pilot projects