When and why should you use this?
Target Startups & Entrepreneurs
For Price sensitive offers
Speed with scale value proposition
Startups are young businesses with budget constraints and high growth rate. Personalized content helps in converting a higher number of startups. Create a tight message that catches their attention using hyper-segmentation of different parameters. You could create segments and rules with a combination of the following criteria to personalize your website for startups -
geographic location
company size
visitor IP address
These could be used as your primary criteria to set your rules and triggers.
Who are Startups?
Startups come with smaller teams and volatile revenues with a unique profitability pattern. They appreciate price sensitive deals and this is where you could use personalization. Most decision makers work closely with the execution teams. Provide something that could excite their teams too. They are experimentative with business models. You need to equip yourself with rapid UX experimentation.
What do Startups care about?
Startups look for sustainable and growth oriented solutions at a low cost. They are not easily recognized as they are lost in the crowd of many entrepreneurs. Most companies do not offer personalized attention to cater to their small, yet complex needs.
Personalizing based on their defined experiences such as specific problems, campaigns, past user journeys, or affiliate networks would help you boost your business among startups.
What can you personalize on your website for Startups?
Personalize the top fold
Create a tight message that catches their attention using hypersegmentation of different parameters. They love feeling belonged, and are attracted by fast growth and results, so use the following-
Just like  More with less Discounts & Offers
XX % growth
More with less
Discounts & Offers
Let the offer articulate the promise that your brand makes for startups. They appreciate trust. Show laurels and proof right on top.
Validation & Social Proof
Startups need proof more than any other sector. B2B brands can win confidence when you share who else has joined a similar journey.
Add competitors
Show no. of signups
Case studies
Customer quotes and testimonials
Industry recommendations
Flow of the page
Put free trials, and free signups right in front as startups are price sensitive. Show features and real promise of your brand. Make the startup audience feel comfortable with real product snapshots and examples that have eased out startup problems. Add videos that are relevant to a specific segment.
Call-to-Action (CTA)
Freebies are the first love of startups to tackle constrained budgets. But, at the same time they want to experience your brand’s value. They would love free hacks and give-aways that can help them grow. Here are some CTAs that would work -
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