When and why should you use this?
Multi-tier pricing and plans
Gradual upgrading process for customers
For increasing LTV of your existing customers
Pricing personalization is key to convert FREE users into paid customers. Using the audience segment, package your features and demo together, personalizing it for each segment. Observe how they responded to your website experience and revise messaging in a fast experimentative culture.
Opportunities to upgrade existing free users to paid customers
Using Custom Fit.ai
Features for customer segments
Based on the combined data of firmographics, page behavior, stage of the funnel, and location, you can personalize the packaged set of features for each customer segment. You could explore different ways of packaging it to communicate the following intents:
You would ALSO get
You are MISSING OUT on
Get more with marginal increment
Team features
Invite your friend to unlock features
Pricing page
There are many ways in which you can explore to personalize pricing for your users and customers.
Personalize pricing page based on frequency of visits: first-time, second-time and repeated visitor.
You can showcase only plans that matter to your customer.
Show exclusive offers for a specific duration
Add value proposition to audience segment with the pricing. For instance, show savings to startups, present total cost of ownership and low operating costs for enterprises, etc
Compare existing and the next recommended plan for upgradation.