When and why should you use this?
Account-based marketing
Multiple stakeholders involved in purchase decision
Multi-function or department targeting
Consistent, yet customized messaging is the ace weapon of account-based marketing. For each ideal customer persona or ICP, personalize the messaging. Extend this to your email marketing program as a part of your ABM mix. 
To further enrich data and enhance targeted personalization, you can integrate with third-party tools such as:
Marketing analytics’ tools
Personalizing your website for target accounts
Using Custom Fit.ai
Personalize the page link with the account name, intent name or the name of the individual. This allows you to deliver a 1:1 attention all through the customer’s purchase cycle, personalizing the sales cycle for higher conversion. Build landing pages with updated content highly targeted ICPs with high velocity and low cost.
Use competitor information, firmographics, and customer segments to personalize the headline on the landing page. Personalizing headlines supports the objective of your campaign for look-alike audiences and those who want to beat their competitors. Personalized headlines assure a higher click-through-rate (CTR). Some key variables that you can personalize are:
Size of the organization
No.of employees
Social proof labels
Add competitor and industry association logos in the fold that addresses similarities. This is a high-attention fold that encourages visitors to take action.
Personalize CTAs with account brand colours and also text that communicates to different people involved in the buying cycle.