When and why should you use this?
Target Large Global Enterprises
Exponential multiplier result showcase
Global recognition & Laurels
If you are targeting Enterprise companies as one of your audience segments, then use this playbook. It helps you leverage on the company size, demographic or firmographic data attributes about the enterprise such as-
geographic location
company size
visitor IP address
These could be used as your primary criteria to set your rules and triggers. But, you may want to further personalize the experience based on other criteria.
Who are Enterprises?
Enterprise customers of product companies come with an employee size over 1000. They have a global presence, so you may want to personalize your web page by country. Another criteria is to spot their annual revenue.
There will be a glaring difference in the correlation between the number of employees and their annual revenue depending on the type of the company. You need to ascertain whether it is a digital product company, manufacturing company, services or an agency.
What do Enterprises care about?
Enterprises look for global validation and opportunities with a large market size. They look for proof just like any other company. They work in highly competitive environments with a close watch on other companies within their market.
What can you personalize on your website for Enterprises?
Personalize the top fold
Communicate your message of what you expect your target segment to learn and act upon. So, your message and call-to-action has to align with each other. They would look for words such as
Global recognition
Awarded for
Fortune 500
Research confirms
Gartner or Forbes recognized
Talk about your value proposition tied to what you have achieved. This brings us to learn more about the validation and social proof that enterprises look for.
Validation & Social Proof
Add industry relevant information such as case studies, customer testimonials from C-suite executives, public product reviews, and customer rating. Awards, recognition, accolades also add value here.
Another attribute that power enterprise customers to take action are their competitors. Use logos of competitors, a popular practice in account-based marketing uses to get your audience to take action.
Flow of the page
Enterprises are interested in sustainable and scalable solutions. They would like to confirm that your solution can deliver both values. Take them through a deeper discussion that includes customization of:
Use cases
Process details
Pricing validation
Call-to-Action (CTA)
Talk to an expert
Schedule a call with our associate
Sign up for a Demo
Launch product in one week.
This is one area that needs to talk to the B2B C-suite decision-makers. Create multiple CTAs that you could test from. They also love the speed in relation to saved costs. Try adding growth multiples or direct contact information. Some of them include: