TOP 20 Digital Marketing Agencies OF INDIA awards 2022


14 september

Diquery Digital
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Diquery Digital

Digital media is one of the very few places where every individual or business has an equal opportunity to find and reach their desired audience in a true sense. With the right amount of effort in the right direction, the results produced are nothing short of magnificent. We, at Diquery, empower you and your businesses to gain more impact, be more innovative and interact with your desired target audience.So what's with the name, Diquery, you may ask. It is short for Digital Query and its phonetic similarity to the cocktail Daiquiri is purely a happy coincidence. We are the refreshingly new kids on the block who understand that all businesses have an individuality that need special and personalized attention and that's exactly what we offer you. It isn't enough to just be a part of a herd but its important to stand out and be heard. We add that power and zing that your business needs.

1. The segments or industries your marketing agency serve                                            

B2B and B2C brands

2. Marketing services you provide

Content, creative, social, digital and Metaverse

3. Share few words about your team and their spirit

I believe in identifying and grooming the talent. Most of my team started of as freshers and has grown through the ranks. The team thrives on challenges and out of the box execution opportunities

4. What's the inception story of your agency?

.After working for years within the corporate media and entertainment setup, the larger challenge was working with agencies who worked on a cookie-cutter model. Diquery was established to bridge this gap and works has a more dynamic execution process.

5. Please share your recent achievements and related links if any. 

First Indian Metaverse Marketing company

6. What's the one thing that sets your agency apart from your competitors?

Adaptable and personalized focus on the overall branding rather than a platform

7. Describe your agency's values.

Blended and dynamic working models with a personalized brand approach




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