TOP 20 Digital Marketing Agencies OF INDIA awards 2022


14 september

XOR Labs
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XOR Labs

XOR Labs is a digital marketing company specializing in social media, content, and display marketing.We help businesses maximise ROI using analytics, data-driven techniques, and crafting digital marketing campaigns.We are helping shape the digital marketing narratives in e-commerce, technology, finance, healthcare, real estate, entertainment, and education sector.

1. The segments or industries your marketing agency serve                                      

D2C and Marketplace

Health and Wellness  

Edutech and Education.

B2B & SaaS

Fantasy and Real Money Gaming

2. Marketing services you provide

Performance Marketing

Ad Creatives and Copy-writing

Search and App Store Optimisation

Marketing Analytics

Growth Consultation

3. Links to client reviews

Video Testimonials

Fantasy Akhada: 


4. Share few words about your team and their spirit

We wanted to create a diverse team, people coming from multiple cultural backgrounds. It's our firm belief that it makes the agency more creative and agile once a team member settles down. That said, XOR Labs is as strong as its team. There are many key members who've helped build the agency from the ground up.

5. What's the inception story of your agency?

Three co-founders. Started journey in the eighth semester of college. We had already worked together for three years during college where we used to publish magazines where we acquired our knowledge of building teams and processes.

6. Please share your recent achievements and related links if any. 

‍Won PR Mandate


Case Studies

- Scaled ad budget by 25x: 

- 8x growth in revenue: 

- Saving $18,024.02 per month in organic traffic:

7. What's your agency's vision for the next five years? 

To become the performance marketing agency that people take pride to be working with. We've a roadmap on how we want to reach there. The idea of technology-driven services will be the key in this journey.

8. What's the one thing that sets your agency apart from your competitors?

In-house technologies

Social Media Competitive Analysis

This tool allows us to compare the social media performance of one brand against its competitors across key metrics.

Ad Analytics

Using the APIs of Meta, Google, Amazon, and LinkedIn, we're able to get the complete view of your paid media in one dashboard. This tool is also equipped with advanced features on product analytics for brands which are running Catalogue Ads on Meta platforms.

9. Describe your agency's values.

Learning: Digital advertising has been changing rapidly in the past decade. Unless you're learning quickly, you won't be able to keep up with these rapid changes. We do extensive internal training and the operations team do sessions every week to share learning among each other.

Processes: We live for processes. Quite early in our journey we realised that a scaling team will not happen unless we've a process in pace. Eventually, we'd discover that any service-based company thrives on the back of processes. So that's what we strive for.




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