Top 20 CRO Experts Must Be Followed in India 2023.

The Top 20 CRO Experts in India [2023]

Conversion Rate Optimization, or CRO, allows website owners to minimize customer acquisition costs primarily by garnering more value from existing website visitors and users. It enables them to increase their per-visitor revenue while getting more customers.

CRO experts are professionals who know the process of optimizing websites by testing various elements on such sites and validating the hypotheses through multivariate testing, A/B testing, and the like.

The following are the twenty (20) most renowned CRO experts in India with many years of experience driving growth and value for their clients.

Neil Patel

Neil Patel, the founder of Neil Patel Digital, is a New York Times best selling author. With over 4.64 lakh followers on LinkedIn, Neil is one of the most followed CRO experts globally.

Besides Conversion Optimization, he has proven expertise in Google Analytics, Integrated Marketing, Lead Generation, Search Analysis, and the like. 

Neil has lent his marketing expertise to business conglobe rates like Microsoft, Airbnb, Amazon, Google, General Motors, Viacom, Intuit, American Greetings, Thomson Reuters, etc. His marketing blogs attract more than4 million visitors, 51% of whom pay money for paid ads. 

Neil has shared his knowledge at more than 310 conferences and corporate firms globally. If you are looking for a capable Conversion Rate Optimization expert with proven expertise, he is the man to look for.

Visit Neil Patel's LinkedIn profile. 

Kushagra Oberoi

Kushagra Oberoi is a freelance Direct Response Copywriter & Creative Strategist who provides premier services like website copywriting, landing pages, paid organic and social copywriting, marketing strategies, and product descriptions. 

Besides CRO, his skills include influencer marketing, social marketing, social media optimization, video blogging, and many more. Kushagra is one of the most actively followed Conversion Rate Optimization experts in the country.

Visit Kushagra Oberoi's LinkedIn profile. 

Prateek Shah

Prateek Shah is the founder of, an online course-providing platform with a student base of 2.2 million and a course database of 78,000+ courses.

Besides providing conversion rate optimization services, Prateek conducts training programs on personal branding, employee training, media planning, digital marketing, and online advertising services. He also offers free business coaching through his website, 

With 26,000 followers and still growing, Prateek Shah might be the man you are looking for to scale up your conversion rate.

Visit Prateek Shah's LinkedIn and website

Vedika Bhaia

With 1.39 lakh followers on LinkedIn, Vedika Bhaia figures prominently in the list of CRO experts in India. She is the co-founder of The Growth Square and the founder of The Fourth Square. 

Her specializations include lead generation through personal branding, LinkedIn marketing, data mining, social media marketing, creative visualization, and many more. 

Within a short span of three years, she has taught more than 300people about turning their LinkedIn accounts into Lead Magnets. If you want to know how to leverage personal branding to get more leads and a monetizable audience, a session by Vedika is all you need.

Visit Vedika Bhaia's LinkedIn profile.

Sunit Kumar

Sunit Kumar, an IIM graduate, is a Program Manager and Strategy and Operations Consultant at EY. He plays a key role in strategically important organizational capability-building projects within EY.

Besides CRO, Sunit has proven expertise in management consulting, sales planning, supply chain planning, and process improvement. He collaborated with many reputed companies in industries like health tech, food tech, pharma, and FMCG. 

If you want to understand the complex jargon of CRO, stakeholder management, consumer behavior, and business, Sunit Kumar is a person you must follow.

Visit Sumit Kumar's LinkedIn profile. 

Santosh Yaduvanshi

Santosh Yaduvanshi is a renowned Facebook advertising consultant and conversion rate optimization expert.

Before co-founding his present venture, eCom Conversion, sharpened his skills in designing ROI-based campaign strategies for social media. With over seven years of experience, Santosh has in-depth knowledge of PPC advertising, Facebook advertising, and social media marketing.

Besides CRO, his skillsets include search engine marketing, lead generation, Google Analytics, competitive analysis, media buying, etc.

Visit Santosh Yaduvanshi's LinkedIn profile.

Ananthanarayanan V

You can rarely find a digital marketer in India who has not eared the name of Ananthanarayanan V. This prolific digital marketing strategist has been instrumental in driving direct sales worth over $200 million for his clients in 14 countries globally. 

Besides being a contributor to the Harvard Business Review, he is also a social media brand influencer, C-suite ROI coach, and digital ROI strategist. 

His impeccable knowledge in CRO, brand management, social media marketing, and integrated marketing has enabled him to win five global awards, such as those from CMO Asia, the CMO Council, etc. He has coached over 80,000 professionals at various Fortune 500 companies and elite academic institutions. 

He is currently associated with Techdivine Creative Services as the CEO.

Visit Ananthanarayanan V's LinkedIn profile.

Sumantha Shankaranarayana

Sumantha Shankaranarayana is the founder and chief optimizer, a conversion rate optimization platform focusing on KPI tracking and data collection through eye tracking, heatmaps, click maps, scroll maps, and session replays. 

Sumantha has many years of experience in SEO, PPC, content marketing, product management, UI/UX, and growth marketing. He is also a specialist in funnel optimization and guides teams to hone their skills in customer-centric calling. 

He has multiple certifications from MECLABS Institute and loves to conduct sessions on hypothesis generation, business strategy, demand generation, landing page optimization, storytelling, affiliate marketing, and copywriting. 

If you need a capable leader in CRO, consulting with Sumantha Shankaranarayana might be the best decision.

Visit Sumantha Shankaranarayana's LinkedIn profile. 

Amlan Maiti

Amlan Maiti is a seasoned CRO professional with 10+ years of experience in Internet Marketing and SEO. He possesses an acute understanding of the transformational digital landscape. He is currently associated with Digital Piloto, a company he founded, as its CEO.

His specialties include digital advertising, optimization, promotions, events, and campaigns.

Besides conversion rate optimization, Amlan's skillsets include SMO, SEM, PHP, website development, web design, online reputation management, and traffic management. 

Visit Amlan Maiti's LinkedIn profile.

Divyendu Mishra

Divyendu Mishra is a Senior Consultant at EY. He is a trusted conversion rate optimization expert, performance marketer, and UI/UX researcher with over four years of experience.

Divyendu has worked with many reputed corporate firms, such as Drivezy, ConvertCart, Whatfix, and iQuanti. His profession enabled him to devise digital marketing strategies for product marketing, conversion optimization, revenue generation, SEO, and analytics.

Besides CRO, his skills include data analysis, Google Analytics, inbound marketing, market research, etc.

Visit Divyendu Mishra's LinkedIn profile.

Akshay Gupta

Akshay Gupta, Head - Agency Business & Partnerships, VWO, has over eight years of experience in sales and partnerships. His expertise in design, marketing, digital transformation, and UI/UX has enabled him to devise proven strategies to increase sales.

He played an instrumental role in enabling a conversion optimization product company to increase its partnership revenues from US$0 to $XXX,000.

Besides conversion optimizations, Akshay's skills include SPSS, auditing, social media marketing, team management, business development, business analysis, and market research. 

Visit Akshay Gupta's LinkedIn profile. 

Bidhan Ray

Bidhan Ray is associated with Owndays India Pvt. Ltd. as Digital Marketing Manager. He is a Google AdWords Certified, Bing Accredited, and Google Analytics Premium Fundamental Certified professional.

Ray is a specialist in brand marketing communication, eCommerce business, mobile game marketing, and mobile app marketing. His knowledge of conversion rate optimization came from his certifications and professional experiences as a digital marketing manager, a digital marketing idea manager, a digital strategy manager, etc.

Besides CRO, Bidhan's skillsets include CRM, Web Analytics, SEO,PPC, SEM, SMO, Lead Generation, and Link Building.

If you are looking to increase your brand awareness through social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., and search engines like Google and Bing, consult with Bidhan Ray to scale up your popularity.

Visit Bidhan Ray's LinkedIn profile. 

Pradeep Kallayil

Pradeep Kallayil is the Founder and Head of Safetymint's product development wing. SafetyMint is a cloud-based safety management software designed specifically for QHSE professionals.

He is also the Chief of Operations and B2B SaaS founder at Niyati Technologies, a digital solutions company specializing in enterprise application development on cloud and mobile platforms.

Besides being an experienced professional in B2B product development with SaaS, Pradeep's skillsets include conversion rate optimization, customer experience design, business analysis, UX/CX design, Google Analytics, and devising product growth strategies. He has worked with clients from France, the USA, Singapore, Australia, and the Middle East.

If you want to collaborate with a CRO expert with adequate expertise in SaaS enterprise application development, Pradeep Kallayil must be your go-to professional.

Visit Pradeep Kallayil's LinkedIn profile

Anustup Mukherjee

Anustup Mukherjee, Associate Group Head - SocialPanga, is an experienced client servicing professional who has initiated and implemented several digital campaigns across verticals like healthcare, consumer durables, manufacturing, and financial services.

Besides proven expertise in conversion rate optimization, Anustup's specialties include account management, marketing automation, web analytics, email marketing, healthcare campaign management, market place optimization, and eCommerce deployment.

Before joining SocialPanga, he was associated with,a 360-degree digital marketing firm, as the Senior Project Manager (Digital)and Seven Boats Info-System Pvt. Ltd. as Assistant Project Manager. 

Visit Anustup Mukherjee's LinkedIn profile.

Aashutosh Kumar

Aashutosh Kumar is an eCommerce and Amazon Store Conversion Rate Optimization expert with over a decade's experience in website optimization for visitors and search engines. His specialties include SEO, Link Building, Display Advertising, Lead Generation, Search Advertising, SEM, and Re-targeting.

Aashutosh is currently associated with Upwork as a Brand Development Expert, where his prime objective is to ensure first-page ranking on Google through white hat SEO techniques.

Besides CRO, his skills include SEO audits, email marketing, Facebook marketing, keyword research, etc. If you are looking for an expert who can take your website to Google, Bing, and Yahoo's first search results page, Aashutosh Kumar is the person to get in touch with.

Visit Aashutosh Kumar's LinkedIn profile. 

Bhaskar Das

With 12 years of experience, Bhaskar Das, Head of Digital Marketing - DataSpace Security, is a renowned leader in Digital Marketing. 

He has proven expertise in driving business growth, identifying revenue potential, remarketing, retargeting, and performance marketing across verticals like EdTech, Advertising, Real Estate, eCommerce, Car Rentals, StockMarket, FMCG, and Social Networking Platforms. He collaborated with many reputed brands like Philips, Go Goa Car Rebtal, Mayfair, India Charts, Ivy ProSchool, Larica Inn, and 100 more. 

Besides conversion rate optimization, his specialties include app marketing, strategic business development, media planning and buying, and retention and loyalty. 

So, if you need a proven leader for your digital marketing campaign, Bhaskar is there to help you shine.

Visit Bhaskar Das's LinkedIn profile.

Sudip Ghosh

Sudip Ghosh is the Digital Marketing Manager at MagicMind Technologies. Sudip, an expert performance marketer and trainer, played an instrumental role in developing performance standards for startups like Codingal, Edureka, and Smartworks. 

He also handled lead generation activities for Fortune 500companies like Cisco, HP, Microsoft, and IBM. Besides Conversion Rate Optimization, Sudip has proven expertise in Multi-Channel Marketing, Landing Page Optimization, and Google Analytics. 

If you are looking for a performance marketer with experience handling over 100 performance marketing projects, Sudip is your best bet.

Visit Sudip Ghosh's LinkedIn profile.

Sudipta N

Sudipta N. is a 14X Salesforce-certified marketing cloud developer. She is currently associated with PWC as a Manager. 

She has 12 years of solid experience in Salesforce Marketing Cloud, including Email Studio, Automation Studio, Cloud Pages, Contact Builder, etc. 

Besides CRO, her skillsets include digital marketing, SEM, CRM, front-end design, link building, and many more. 

Visit Sudipta N.'s LinkedIn profile.

Devesh S

Devesh S. is a marketing and digital leader with 17 years of experience managing various offices globally. His keen understanding of online mediums, such as email, social, display, and search, has enabled him to devise the best strategies to monitor, measure, and monetize.

He is adept in various fields, including conversion optimization, SEO, interactive marketing, campaign management, landing page optimization, email marketing, customer acquisition, and many more.

Visit Devesh S.'s LinkedIn profile.

Nirmal Singh Raghav

Nirmal Singh Raghav is an experienced HR professional, a published author, and an accomplished speaker. He has over 30 years of experience managing human resources for multiple public and private sector companies across several industries.

He has proven expertise in L&D, HR operations, industrial relations, organization development, and configuring SAP. His knowledge of CRO comes from his solid foundation in organizations like Bharat Aluminum, CairnEnergy, Indian Petrochemical Corporation, Idea Cellular, and Ramani Group of Industries.

So, if you want to scale up your HR operations and conversion optimization, Nirmal can help you with his expertise.

Visit Nirmal Singh Raghav's LinkedIn profile.


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