Top 20 Tools Essential for B2B Marketers in 2022

Tools are becoming increasingly essential for marketers to achieve their best. Marketers are known to juggle between many tasks and always finish tasks on the go. While few marketing tools are essential for getting the work done, few others add to productivity and time-saving. This article talks mainly to B2B marketers and how they can make the best of these tools with website personalization to increase their ROI. 

Along with these tools, we have also shared how you can improve the results from these tools, ace your marketing strategies and increase the revenue from marketing efforts. Read on to know what tools will help you crush your marketing goals for 2022. 

Best SEO Tools 2022

Let’s start with the most important part of a digital business which is SEO. The SEO tools are important to get your page ranking high in the search engines pages. They are useful in boosting the credibility and authority of your website in the digital world. Moreover, there are various algorithm updates taking place in Google and other search engines at regular intervals. So, it is important to keep yourself updated and also to use the latest tools available to sail through it. 

1. Semrush

The SEO toolkit by Semrush provides a comprehensive set of tools that help marketers achieve the following-

Competitors Research

Keyword Research

Link Building

Rank Tracking

On-page SEO and technical SEO

Semrush is one of the most preferred tools by SEO specialists and is known for its accurate results. Another plus is the courses offered on the website which helps individuals use these tools and increases adaptability. 

2. Moz

Another result oriented SEO tool is Moz that helps SEO professionals in link building strategies and competitive analysis. By adding an extra layer of information to every website one visits with domain page stats,  page title, meta description, on-page elements, schema markup and much more. In other words it makes life easy for both B2B and B2C SEO professionals. 

 3. Google Trends

Making one’s website keywords relevant is crucial. Every content strategy begins with a keyword research and it’s important that the content is so structured that keywords be placed tactfully while the natural readability of the blog is not hampered. Google Trends lets marketers and content strategists analyze the searches for particular clusters of keywords and craft an effective content strategy. 

How website personalization can improve your SEO efforts

SEO is mainly about the experience of the readers on your website which is measured with metrics such as bounce rates, scroll depths, number of clicks, the length of engagement, relevance of content for the readers. All these aspects are enhanced with website personalization as it lets you showcase the best version of the website with customization to audience segments. 

Website Personalization Tool


 With (a no-code website personalization tool), businesses can create impactful and scalable personalization on the website for each segment of visitors and also for each visitor. It helps in adding the much required personal touch for leads that results in more engagement and conversions. also comes with a 360 degree conversion rate optimization stack that lifts overall conversion rate from the website. 

5. Mutiny

Mutiny is a b2b powered website personalization platform that boosts conversion rate from website, increases inbound leads by identifying website visitors and serving them the most relevant experience without engineers or data scientists.

Customer Relationship Management System 

Marketing and sales are all about human interactions. All the enquiries you get, all sign ups and the one’s your team acquires- all contacts are relationships to be nurtured over time. Unless you have a good Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) integrated with your website, it’s a tough task to create and nurture relationships. CRMs store the information of the visitors in a systematic way so that the leads are well managed and sales and marketing teams can update the status of the leads. 

6. HubSpot

It’s a cloud based CRM system that provides marketers and sales teams full visibility into the sales pipeline. Amongst the important features are deal tracking, reporting dashboard, pipeline management, company insights. Further, you will get the features divided into various sections namely- marketing hub, saleshub, servicehub, CMS hub, operations hub. For this and many more features, HubSpot is a leading CRM for marketers. 

7. Salesforce

Salesforce has an extensive range of features based on industry types, by need along with a special bunch of offerings for small businesses. Salesforce has a comprehensive set of solutions for businesses making their customer relationship building process smooth and fruitful. 

8. FreshWorks

A CRM that has made a lot of noise for all the good reasons is FreshWorks that comes with many major features that solves problems around customer relationship management. It has got a high number of positive reviews and is emerging as a popular one. 

How a website personalization tool can boost results from CRM

A website personalization tool like provides enriching of the data from CRM. It integrates with the CRMs to fetch data of visitors so that various details like their location, number of visits, and firmographic details are used in order to assist marketers and sales teams to create personalization on the web pages. This in turn increases the values we get from the CRM while we also have the additional chance of increasing conversions on the website. A strategic use of both the tools can impact business goals positively.

Customer Data Tools

These software work as a data engine to support all your customer interactions and create more enriched associations with your customers. It tracks and stores data such as the number of visits the visitor has made to your website and details like his firmographics, location and interests and preferences from the history of his behavior on the website. 

9. Clearbit

A google extension like Clearbit can enhance the customer acquisition, conversions and operations through real time intelligence. It’s a marketing data platform that mainly caters to B2B companies to increase their rate of conversion and acquisition. If you are a B2B company that’s looking to create a lasting impression on your first time visitors and capture the interest of repeat visitors, a software like Clearbit can add a lot of value. 

10. Segment

Another customer data platform, Segment enables marketers to get a unified customer database and makes it accessible to other systems to be used for analysis, management and customer interactions. 

How to use data from CDP for customizing visitor experience on website

Website personalization tool integrates with CDPs like Cleabit and Segment to fetch the data and use it to create personalized pages and offerings for the visitor. It works like a website editor that lets you create customized pages for the visitors to increase engagement many folds. 

Email Marketing tools

For B2B marketers, there’s immense potential to leverage email marketing, however, it is observed that conversion rates and engagement is quite low in this method. The emailing software you use can have a great impact on your email conversion rate. For example, the sending domain, the deliverability and the look and feel of the email (that contributes to the overall experience) depends on the email software. 

11. Mailchimp

An email sending tool like Mailchimp let’s you create email newsletters and communicate with your customers in a personalized way. With this you can create segmented email lists and send in groups with variation of text and images to create engagement. This is one of the few channels in marketing that gives you much control over the process as it is an effective one to one communication mode. 

12. Mailmodo

This email service provider helps marketers boost email conversions with an app-like experience with the email. These emails are easy and code free AMP emails, high on deliverability, lets you track all metrics on a single dashboard. 


ContactOut helps reduce the time taken by B2B marketers in finding new leads by providing filters to build ideal customer profiles and create tailored campaigns. Using its proprietary algorithm and AI capabilities, you can quickly gather emails and phone numbers from even the most difficult-to-reach prospects. Marketers can filter through various parameters such as location or industry sector that are specific to their target audience which makes it easier for them to narrow down their list of contacts according to their specific interests or requirements. This further streamlines the process and reduces human effort which would otherwise be spent manually searching for relevant contacts.  

How a website personalization tool can help you in email marketing

Segmenting your audience list and creating personalization is a sure shot tactic to increase engagement and conversions. For each segment of the audience, you can showcase the best customized experience by leading them to a customized page on the website. You can also create a path that leads them to take the desired action such as filling a form or signing up for a free trial. 

Competitor Analysis 

There are different types of competitor analysis tools used for various platforms like content, SEO, social media and others. You can analyze SEO competition with tools like SEMrush, MozBar and Ahrefs which are highly popular on the list. However for content, there are separate tools which can bring high results and lets you create a content strategy that beats the competition. 

14. BuzzSumo

This tool lets you track what’s the best content in the industry and the total number of shares and engagement on each content. This gives lots of clarity in your content strategy as to help in identifying the hot topics in the industry. It can also be a good tool for knowing the interests of your target group. 

15. Similarweb

It’s a handy tool that gives elaborate details about a competitors’ SEO as well as content. It tracks backlinks, traffic each month and much more that you can yourself put to use in your SEO strategy. 

16. Feedly

This tool is handy in keeping track of competitors' blogs. You can create feeds which will notify you as soon as your competitor publishes something new. You can use this info to improve your own blog and publish an updated version that ensures that you don't lose your ranking on the page. 

Social Media tools

Monitoring social media has become all the more important in today’s age where every few hours relevant content is being published. You can monitor competitor’s pages and content by keeping a track of them through tools like the following. You can check the latest trends in topics and the engagement on it. 

17. Sprout Social

It’s a popular social media tool that enhances social listening. It let’s you improve your social media analytics and thereby improves your presence and engagement in the media thus impacting overall customer engagement.  

18. Phlanx

Enhance social media engagement with Phlanx solutions that includes- brand mentions, influencer, social media auditors, engagement calculators, management and competitor tracking. 

How website personalization helps you leverage social media

Optimize your efforts and investments from social media by creating a customization strategy along with website personalization. There can be multiple use cases of this. Let's say you run an ad campaign with a specific story line for an audience segment. By adding a customized link with the ad that directs the specific audiences to personalized pitch on the website, thus carrying forward the story in the ad is a great way to enhance engagement as well as conversions. 

Webinar Streaming and Management

A very popular lead generation tool in the present age is webinars. The engagement and interaction is high on this type of content and the webinar registrants can be a valued addition to the leads list. This can be used to further strengthen communication and conversions. 

19. Zoom

A good webinar streaming service like Zoom is essential for webinar related lead generation activities. Zoom is highly popular and gives an easy experience with webinar streaming and management. 

20. Airmeet

A meeting and webinar streaming platform, it lets you leverage networking, analytics, real time analytics, immersive booths, event sponsorships, rich integrations and much more. 

How website personalization adds value to your webinar engagement? 

Just like your other campaigns for which you leverage social media and email marketing, the engagement on the webinar pages can also be increased if you add a touch of personalization to it as you communicate with different segments of audiences. This way you can showcase your best message with high relevance and context.  


Marketing tools form an important part of marketing strategies for both B2B and B2C. A free trial is the preferred way to check whether the tools match your requirement or not. And thereafter the decision becomes easy. If you’d like to try a free version of, then sign up here or write to us at