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Let data tell you more about your customers.
Collect Data points across many pre-built integrations. Get a deeper insight into what the user is looking for, from where did they come from, and who they are? Sign up for more invitations.
In-depth knowledge about customer and visitor behavior
Don’t miss on audience recommendations.
Yes, we have recommendations for you based on the data collected across sources. Create audience segments that matter most to your business.
Recommendations for personalization based on website data
Personalize everything on your website.
Choose from different formats and content types that you can personalize. Try out A/B tests and experiment with your headers, body text, CTA, images, flow, and more.
Personalize each aspect of website content
Land on awesome conversions.
We already did it. We can do it for you too. Automate your Conversion optimization and transform your website into a personalized experience, driving a leads engine.
Convince and convert website visitors

What are B2B marketers using
CustomFit.ai for?

Total conversion optimization package
Conversion Optimization
Overcome shortcomings in A/B testing
A/B Testing
Affiliate marketing opportunities with CustomFit
Affiliate Campaigns
Segment audiences to achieve more personalization
Audience Segmentation
Preferential upgrades
Preferential Upgrades
Improve results from account based marketing
Account-Based Marketing
Improve opportunities for upselling with customers
Improve loyalty among existing customers
Loyalty Marketing
Referral marketing with Customfit
Referral marketing